Winter Is Coming

Altruist, philanthropist, humanitarian, do-gooder – call me what you will, I believe in giving back. We are always complaining about what we don’t have, we don’t really take the time out to give thanks for what we do have. I’ve been doing a great deal of thanks-giving lately, and I believe it’s time to give back once more.

Last year I blogged about the Twitter Blanket Drive which takes place through the month of May. Well, it’s that time of the year again. May, my birthday month, the month of 40 – a time to give back. I will be joining the blanket drive once again. This time I’ve included my colleagues to celebrate my birthday with me by donating a blanket to this cause. Sort of like a #BlanketForBirthdayCake drive. 
Jimmy Nevis, Merentia, Ronell, Danine, Gerry, et al. 

The big event, which is 6 years old, will be held at the Fire & Ice hotel again this year. 
If history prevails, this time around it will be bigger, better and will definitely bring in more blankets. It will take place on Thursday, 28th of May from 6pm. A donation of R100 or a blanket gets you in to this fantastic event. Last year over 4000 blankets were collected at the Cape Town and Johannesburg hotels, let’s double that figure this year. 

Amped Agency is one of the supporters of the event this year. They’re creating personalised supporter banners (see below) which cost R100, basically the price of a good blanket, and donating the proceeds to the Twitter Blanket Drive. 

Check out the post I did last year to find out how it all started. 
Winter is coming, the cold is setting in, have you shown gratitude for being able to cover yourself in a comfy, fluffy blanket? How about joining me by donating towards this fantastic event. 
As always, 

Stay Gold, 

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