Finally 40

So this is it – 40! 
I know I’ve been making a big deal about Mandy version 4.0 but it is a big deal to me. 
For the first time in my life I feel as if I have come into my own. Yes, there may be a few wrinkles, grey hair and back pain – but I have never felt this “alive” in a very long time. 

I realise that some may feel as if they want to hang onto younger versions of myself. Relive their heydays if you will. For me however, it feels as if I am in my heydays right now. 

Last year I made a decision to celebrate 40 days of being 40. The idea is to either do something fun or meaningful, show gratitude for everything that comes my way and spend more time with people who have made an impact in my life. 

Not everything is planned in advance but I will take each day as it comes and constantly remind myself to be grateful, be classy and always be fabulous. 

Wish me luck

Stay Gold, 

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  1. 06/23/2015 / 16:35

    Awesome, can't wait to see what you get up too in those 40days. Just remember alittle adventure never hurt anyone!!!

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