When Life Throws You Lemons…

Last summer I spent one day on the beach. How sad is that, considering I live in Cape Town so I am spoilt for choice. **Makes note to visit more beaches this Summer** But I digress, on that particular day, while prepping my for the beach, I decided to add some lemon juice to my usual leave in conditioner and castor oil mix. Having previously read somewhere that it lightens hair (and my colour definitely needed some oomph) I figured, what the heck, let’s give it a shot. 
Now I noticed that my hair started to lighten a few weeks later 
(this process takes f o r e v e r ) but I thought nothing of it – until a few minutes ago

Today I took one of those #FroFriday selfies, and this was the result: 

It appears as though the lemon juiced highlights keep getting lighter whenever it is exposed to sun. I am no scientist so I’ve no idea why it happens but it does with my hair.
Researching up on it I’ve also discovered that lemon juice is also great for:

  1. Helping to reduce excessive sebum secretion which makes the scalp oily
  2. Conditioning the hair and makes it soft and shiny
  3. Strengthening hair and making it more resistant to breakage
  4. It has strong antibacterial and anti-fungal properties meaning it helps with scalp infections and dandruff

Lemons have just become a part of my weekly deep conditioning treatment. Will keep you posted… and hey, if it doesn’t work, there is always tequila! 

Thanks for reading, 

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