South Africa’s hair growth remedy I had no idea about!

Let’s face it, if you’re in South Africa healthy/natural hair brand products are expensive. We suffer from severe product envy on this side of the world. We imagine what those butters smell like, dream about how long our hair would grow when taking that particular branded capsule. We literally have to save up to buy a few great products online. 
Fortunately, the natural or healthy hair community in South Africa is growing and we now have locally made products such as AfroBotanics, which I am yet to try (really excited about this one) 

A few months ago, I discovered a gem of a secret in hair care on a facebook group called
Lady Hacks. On doing some digging, I discovered that the recipe was concocted right here in sunny South Africa. The 3 magical ingredients are:

Bergamot essence/oil
Bay Rum
Allow me to break it down for you: 
Bergamot: An essential oil with many fantastic benefits (including self-love. Who knew!)  When applied to hair, bergamot oil apparently soaks into the scalp and strands. It stimulates the blood flow to the hair’s follicles to give hair strength and shine. (The recipe calls for the synthetic version.)
Bay Rum: This essential oil originates from a West Indies tree called Pimenta Racemosa. Bay Rum was in fact used as an after-shave in the 20thcentury. This oil stimulates hair growth and helps alleviate dandruff.
Placenta: Now I am aware that this particular item could be quite controversial- however, we have all used egg in one way or another. Placenta helps with frizz and hair breakage. It is filled with protein and it helps alleviate itchy scalp. 
The Recipe
The mixture can be used as a spritz: 
1/2 bottle bay rum
1/2 bottle bergamot essence 
1 ampule of placenta
spritz on your hair, concentrating on the roots, 2 to 3 times a week
and as a treatment: 
throw the above mixture and 1 extra ampule of placenta into your favourite shampoo and/or conditioner. Use as often as you wash your hair. 
** Should you choose to use the essential oil instead of the essence, always dilute with a few drops of a carrier oil (eg: coconut). **
Does It Actually Work?


” I started using the mixture about 3 months ago and let’s just say, the proof is in the pudding. As you can see in the first picture my hair is the dreaded “medium length”, just above my boobs. It is now in the middle of my back, as you can see in the second picture. I don’t exactly know how many cm’s it has grown but, there is a noticeable difference in the length of my hair from July until now.Besides this mixture’s amazing hair growth properties, it also improved the overall condition of my hair” – Leshea Segers

my dry scalp has cleared for the 1st time in 7 years, and its exactly 30 days since I started using it. Hair growth:2.8cm to be exact. My hair has stopped falling out and feels healthy with a great shine. My hairs life long bff has been found!” 
– Lisa Anne Kitching

Would I use it? 

Hell yes I would! In fact, I started my first spritz last night. My length check is:

Front: 22cm

Side: 20cm

Top: 20cm

Back: 19cm


Besides the fact that my hair smells like after-shave (my hair has apparently become my new boyfriend #singlegirlissues) I am in love with the softness… and that’s after only one treatment. I have heard stories of ladies who have the same hair texture as mine who claim their hair grew 1cm in 1 week. Bear in mind, hair grows on an average of 1 to 2cm per month and growth while using this miracle concoction is completely dependent on your hair.

I would like to point out that I am not an expert in essential oils, I’m an expert in my own hair though. My findings would therefore be my honest opinion on whether it works for me.

Have you tried this miracle mixture? 
Would you give it a try? 
Do you have a hair growth mixture you’re willing to share?
Comment below, I’d love to hear your opinion.
Thanks for reading and as always, 
Stay Gold, 




  1. Anonymous
    10/16/2014 / 09:55

    Hi Mandy, this is interesting!!! I'd love to try it out, where would I find these products? Particularly Placenta?

  2. 10/16/2014 / 09:58

    Hello, I bought my placenta at a pharmacy. You can also try places such as Clicks and Dischem. Good Luck and thanks so much for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Anonymous
    10/17/2014 / 19:27

    Hello Mandy, bought all three at dischem.. 20ml bergamot, 200ml bay rum and 10ml placenta, I also have coconut oil, please advice on how to make my spritz am clueless..

  4. 10/17/2014 / 19:39

    Hi there, for my spritz I mixed half the bergamot, half the bayrum and 2 ampules of placenta in a spray bottle with 300ml aloe juice (you can water) and about 5no castor oil (you can use coconut) shake it up, part your hair and start spraying. Good luck!

    • 04/09/2019 / 08:39

      Good day mandy sorry this might sou d duh! Lol but iam reading ur spritz selution here just wanted to know what is the meaning or the correct ml of 5no i saw u wright 5no castor oil or coconut oil how much or ml castor or coconut oil should i add exactly? and i used 300ml water instead of 300ml aloe juice is that ok as well?

  5. 11/23/2014 / 21:12

    You can also use the whole bottle bayrum, all of the placenta ampules and the whole bottle bergamot essence, that is the way I use it (for my very thin blonde hair) and it works like a charm. I started using it mainly because my hair began falling out in clumps on a daily basis rather than to help wit hair growth (that was just an added bonus) Good luck!

  6. 02/09/2015 / 13:25

    Hey i use it as a leave in om dry hair daily is that correct? Or should i use it on wet hairafter i was n then blow dry? Cos i noticed it wets my hair n my hair goes all curly n hardish like when i wash hair without blowing… i do not hav3 straight hair its between straight and coarse..please advise thanks

  7. Anonymous
    02/13/2015 / 11:50

    Hi Mandy, im aan african lady i would like to find if this remedy works on our type of hair, because my hair is very thin and the hair line is a problem,

    please help, i have tried everything but no result im even thinking of cutting my hair now .

    • Brenda Leonard
      03/28/2021 / 07:18

      I got this recipe from an Aftican lady some years ago when I had stress related hair loss. Her hair was amazing! It works on any type if hair.

  8. 04/16/2015 / 08:33

    Hi Frankie, how many ampules would you use?

  9. 06/23/2015 / 16:34

    Regular consumption of high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol rich foods are also linked to increased DHT levels which further causes hair loss. My brother was also facing hair loss and often tells importance of using toppik hair building fibers products.

  10. 06/23/2015 / 16:35

    Hi Frankie, how many ampules would you use?

  11. 06/29/2015 / 13:05

    I have used this mixture and LOVE the amazing results!

  12. 06/30/2015 / 07:29

    hi mandy plz advise im tyn 2 grow my hair. its natural iv usd castor oil, coconut n this range cald afro botanics m in south africa

  13. Khadiejah Ebrahim
    09/01/2015 / 08:38

    Hi i will try the mixture. i usually mix bergamot essence with mpl and it does wonders makes the hair thick and strong and it grows. Apply mixture to the scalp and ends

  14. 09/10/2015 / 10:38

    Hi Mandy! How often should i apply the mix? Daily? Twice a week? Please help?! Also, could i put it on at night before bed and wash it out in the morning?

  15. 09/10/2015 / 10:41

    Hi there, it depends on your hair type really. Are you referring to the recipe I created or this particular one? Email me at

  16. 09/22/2015 / 13:36

    My cousin told me about this mixture, because I'm hooked on argan oil. She reckons this remedy works better. Am willing to try it out.

  17. Anonymous
    10/08/2015 / 09:13

    HI Mandy This Magical remedy hair treatment is for all tipes of hair… please dont cut your hair off, show your femine side of lushes long beautiful hair. I promise you it will work.

  18. Anonymous
    10/09/2015 / 00:57

    Hi, I cant seem to find Bay Rum Essence as everywhere I have been they out of stock. I have the placenta and Bergamot and I have thrown the Placenta into my shampoo as instructed.I have however jot made the mixtiee for the spritzer yet because of the Bay Rum being absent.Please advise If I can start using the Placenta and Bergamot in the mean time?

    • Paulene
      02/04/2019 / 15:53

      At clicks

      • Pat gr
        07/25/2019 / 17:33

        And at dischem

  19. Anonymous
    10/09/2015 / 00:57

    I will definitely try this because i usually use bergamot essence mix with mpl and it does wonders for my hair…. try it

    • Elizabeth Sim
      01/05/2021 / 16:08

      Can you please tell me what mpls means.I am a cancer patient in remission and my hair is very thin and falls out due to the tablets I am drinking.
      I am very interested in this mixture.
      Regards Elizabeth Sim.

  20. Anonymous
    10/09/2015 / 00:57

    Hi there, just to be clear. I can add this to my conditioner as well? Or use as treatment before shampooing my hair? Thank I'm advance

  21. 10/09/2015 / 00:57

    Hi my hair is static since I started using the mixture as a treatment in my shampoo. Is this normal or did I do something wrong?

  22. Anonymous
    10/25/2015 / 09:36

    Is it safe to use on children over 10 yrs?

  23. 11/10/2015 / 07:20

    Most perfect product this for eye scanner and very nice post, i definitely love this web site, carry on itโ€ฆ I started using the mixture about 3 months ago and let's just say, the proof is in the pudding. As you can see in the first picture my hair is the dreaded "medium length", just above my boobs.The best treatment for thinning hair requires knowing what youโ€™re putting in and on your scalp. More often than not, traditional, store-bought hair care products strip the natural and healthy oils from your hair as well as the damaging ones.Hair Loss Help

  24. 11/10/2015 / 08:10

    Hi Mandy
    Thanks for this. Will definitely try this out.

  25. 11/12/2015 / 09:48

    I fully support you blog.There may be noticeably a bundle to find out about this. I assume you made certain good points in options also. I grew up with so-called 'hard' hair so I personally feel a lot of pain when I hear that word used to describe hair. There are three main reasons why your hair would feel hard:Shampoos come as a rescue measure and are used to add life to get add some force and life to your hair. The market place is full of brands that claim to be the best shampoo for thin hair. Such products are mild and can be used regularly too. Black Hair Growth Products

  26. 01/26/2016 / 06:57

    hey Mandy,
    hope your well, i read your recipie and im really very convinced to actually try it out, where would you recommend me to buy these products? and can we use olive oil instead of coconut oil?

    thank you so much,
    my email is:
    Arti ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. 01/26/2016 / 06:57

    hey Mandy,
    hope your well? loved the recepie and i shall try it very soon, i stay in Botswana, where would you recommed me to buy these products?

  28. Anonymous
    01/26/2016 / 06:57

    I would like to know if this works on indian hair

  29. Anonymous
    01/26/2016 / 06:58

    Hi Amanda, I got my bayrum and other one at dishem. It was not a oil should I ask for the oil one.?

  30. Anonymous
    01/26/2016 / 06:58

    Hi Amanda, I got mine at dischem but bayrum and the other one was not oil should I ask for the oil one? I moved to pretoria a year ago and every time I went to a hairdresser my hair has been messed up more and more

  31. Lerato
    01/26/2016 / 06:58

    I have tried the mixture and I can see the growth already, after two weeks of using the mixture three times a week. The only thing I am experiencing now is that my hair gets dry quickly, nothing water, oil and cream can't fix. I just have to make sure that I moisturize twice as much…I cant wait to do my length check in two weeks…whoop whoop!

  32. Anonymous
    01/26/2016 / 06:59

    Hey girls
    You also ask your doctor for a script for premarin tablets . You need only six tablets crushed in shampoo , it will make your thicker and longer ! Good luck

  33. 02/04/2016 / 10:09

    if you cannot find pacenta oil in your small town; with what can you replace it with

  34. 02/04/2016 / 10:10

    if I cannot find placenta oil with what can I replace it with as I stay in a very small town

    • Ola
      04/09/2021 / 08:32

      Dischem + Clicks have online stores that deliver. Try those

  35. 03/08/2016 / 14:04

    Been using this for years. My hair falls out due to thyroid disease. Really slows down that process. My hair also in a an excellent condition. I mix my own. I see that a premix product is now availavle in pharmacies (about R90 for 250ml). Cannot remember who makes it. As your pharmacy. Sometimes diffucult to get the placenta ampules. Bayrum dries out your hair, so make sure you use a good conditioner.

  36. 03/08/2016 / 14:04

    It os difficult to find it even at big pharmacies. I always into the small no-name pharmacies to check if they have. And if they do I buy the whole lot. About R9 an ampule. Ask your local pharmacy to order for you.

  37. 05/20/2016 / 12:30

    I can't seem to find Bay rum where I am.Is there an alternative? Or can I leave it out completely?

  38. 05/20/2016 / 12:33

    Hello, I'm afraid bay rum is very necessary for this mixture to work effectively. Have you asked your pharmacy? Which area are you in?

    • Babyface
      07/02/2019 / 15:10

      Hi there can I do a deep condition after the mixture,especially if hair is dry abit,and how long before a person can see growing results if I may ask
      Thanks in advance

  39. 05/23/2016 / 12:43

    Hi. You can find Bay rum at Dischem. It's about R18 for a 200ml bottle.

  40. 06/08/2016 / 08:53

    Ive started to loose clumps of hair die to stress and a sudden loss of weight. My hair in general is very thin. I started to get desperate and come across this recipe. I use it for 2 months now. I cant believe the shine and thikening of my hair already. I Use it everyday and twice a week a treat my hair with coconut oil and fresh lemon juice. I leave it on for 2 hrs. It worth the while. Whish ive come across this recipe years ago.

  41. Anonymous
    07/21/2016 / 11:22

    Hi Mandy, i just started spritzing with this mixture. My hair smells of Bergamot essence and i cant seem to shake the smell, i used half the bottle of bergamot essence. Do you think its wise to decrease the bergamot quantity? I also added castor oil and olive oil to the mixture.

    I'm in PS for now so i'm just spritzing my scalp and haven't done length check. I spritz at night and then put castor oil in the morning and evening the following day. I"m using this 2-3 times a week.
    Here's to hoping for progress.

    Thanks for the blog


  42. 07/21/2016 / 11:27

    Hi Thabile, You can try using less as long as you use it. Have you tried using my mixture with aloe juice and castor oil? It really works as well. The smell is not pleasant for some people, but you get used to it.

  43. Anonymous
    08/22/2016 / 12:13

    hi there my hair is extremely damaged its long and short in between im so fed up im thinking of just cutting it all off i have tried the mixture in front i can see the growth it has been a month and a half now of me using this mixture can i get some advice please maybe i am just impatient please help

  44. Anonymous
    08/22/2016 / 12:13

    What do you use to moisturise your hair Lerato?

  45. 08/22/2016 / 12:13

    Just an update to my last message. My hair has grown something mad and ive got new hair growing everywhere on my head. Clumps of new hair all over and the new hair are already 6 cm long. And best of all, I have a new hairline on my forehead that starts growing as well. I am so pleased. Im speechless.

  46. 08/22/2016 / 12:13

    Hello Elise. You mention treating your hair bi-weekly with coconut oil and fresh lemon juice. Can you please give tell me how much oil and juice you mix together? Thank you. Ilse

  47. Anonymous
    08/22/2016 / 12:13

    I used the mixture and have seen tremendous hair growth, my hair looks so shiny, thick, soft and healthy. People are stopping me to ask me what I have been using on my hair. I used the following ingredients:
    – Half bottle bay rum
    – Half bottle bergamot essence
    – 1 Ampoule Placenta
    – 10 drops of lavender oil

    • Yogie
      10/16/2017 / 09:04

      Hi . What size bottles of each bay rum and bergamot do u buy..and us the placenta 10ml?

  48. 08/22/2016 / 12:14

    Ive started to loose clumps of hair due to stress and a sudden loss of weight. My hair in general is very thin. I started to get desperate and come across this recipe. I use it for 2 months now. I cant believe the shine and thikening of my hair already. I Use it everyday and twice a week a treat my hair with coconut oil and fresh lemon juice. I leave it on for 2 hrs. It worth the while. Whish ive come across this recipe years ago.

  49. 08/22/2016 / 12:14

    This stuff is wonderful! I have started with in 1 week ago and my hair is softer than ever! Trying to let it grow out, so gonna keep using it for at least a couple if months to see what happens! ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Anonymous
    08/22/2016 / 12:14

    baie dankie vir die resep. ek is 66 grys hare en raak dun omdat dit so uitval !, kan nie wag om die resep te probeer nie. baie baie dankie julle almal . fransie

  51. 08/22/2016 / 12:14

    Hi Mandy can I use the recipe on my 3 year old daughter's hair?

  52. 08/22/2016 / 12:15


    I currently have a Brazilian & highlights (very blonde) on my hair & you use a special shampoo for the Brazilian, was wondering if i can still put this mixture into my shampoo. Thanks

  53. 08/22/2016 / 12:15

    Hi, Has anyone had a Brazilian and used this mixture at the same time, with a brazilian yoy use a special shampoo so was wondering if i can still put this mixture into my shampoo.


  54. 08/22/2016 / 12:15

    Hi Mandy. I managed to get the Bay rum at Dischem today (Canal Walk, Western Cape, South Africa for those that stay in Cape Town). Could you please tell me the exact amount (in ml preferably) to mix though cause the volumes vary, so I don't know if your half a bottle would be equivalent to my half a bottle. I have 200ml bay rum, 20ml bergamot essence and 3 x 10ml placenta

  55. 08/22/2016 / 12:15

    Hi Mandy
    I loved reading your article, im a sucker for oils as long as i dont swallow im game.
    soooo… I am going to give it a try and will give feed back in 60 days!!
    widh me luck**

  56. 08/22/2016 / 12:15

    Hey girl. Hope you're well. I want to try this! Can you please post results?

  57. 08/22/2016 / 12:15

    Hey Mandy . I am interested in blogging. I tried tons of sites to set me up and none worked ! Could you please help me to start of like you did ? You inspired me and well now I want to blog on my own.Could you just maybe send me a email to show me what I should do ?

  58. 08/22/2016 / 12:16

    Hi I have an underactive thyroid and my hair is falling out will this help I've tried all sorts and I'm in the UK and you can buy all the stuff you have mentioned on ebay please get back to me I'm at my wits end thinking of cutting my hair short

  59. 08/22/2016 / 12:16

    hey guys.. can I spray my hair with this mixture every night and day??

  60. 08/22/2016 / 12:16

    Hi guys can someone plz give me an advice years bck have got this nice long looking hair,but just last year I had to cut it very low coz I was unable to rock my natural a frd advice I use horse shampoo..the truth been told my hair v been improveing but yet it still gives me a male shape angry coz now my hair grows but the baldness keeps frustrating me,plz if u know what I can use to make the hairline grown properly kindly advise me on what to do..thanks

  61. 08/22/2016 / 12:17

    Been using this for years. My hair falls out due to thyroid disease. Really slows down that process. My hair also in a an excellent condition. I mix my own. I see that a premix product is now availavle in pharmacies (about R90 for 250ml). Cannot remember who makes it. As your pharmacy. Sometimes diffucult to get the placenta ampules. Bayrum dries out your hair, so make sure you use a good conditioner.

  62. 09/16/2016 / 11:56

    Hey gals. I hope this question doesn't come to late… I bougjt the Bergamot essence 20ml, the bay rum 200ml and the restoring placenta treatment sprits from Kair 200ml. How would I mix them and how and when should I apply. Please help?Chantal

  63. 09/16/2016 / 11:56

    Hey gals. I hope this question doesn't come to late… I bougjt the Bergamot essence 20ml, the bay rum 200ml and the restoring placenta treatment sprits from Kair 200ml. How would I mix them and how and when should I apply. Please help?Chantal

  64. Madeleine
    09/16/2016 / 11:56

    Hi Elise. Congrats on your new hair growth! I'm so happy for you. Can you explain how you use the mixture? Do you spray on your roots and on hor hair and leave it on? Do you massage it on your scalp?

  65. Anonymous
    09/16/2016 / 11:56

    How do you use the mixture? How often? Do you spray on the roots and leave it on the hair and scalp? Do you use twice a week? And how big (in ml) are your bottle of bay run and bergamot essence? Please let me know. I'd love to try.

  66. 09/22/2016 / 19:14

    Will this mixture work without the placenta. I'm worried that placenta will disrupt hormones with long term use?

  67. 10/11/2016 / 06:30

    Hello Maggie. I also have severe hair loss due to thyroid problems and stress. I haven't used this recipe yet, but I am going to. However, what I started to do, was to use a mixture of organic coconut oil and organic apple cider vinegar. I add about 1/3 vinegar to 2/3 oil. Heat it in warm water until the oil is melted, shake it, apply it to dry hair. Massage it for about 5 minutes into your scalp, then cover it with plastic. I keep it on for the whole day, then wash it normally. I then rinse it with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar. Again, ratio is 1/3 vinegar, 2/3 water. I do this twice a week. You can also do it in evening and keep it on overnight. I've been doing this for about three months and can already see the difference. The bald spots are diminishing, and less hair falls out.

  68. 10/11/2016 / 06:35

    You can find it on takealot, but very, very expensive. Also on That might be cheaper, even with the exchange rate.

  69. Anonymous
    10/14/2016 / 17:39

    Hi, I've always had fine hair. I have started using olive oil, bayrum, bergamot essence and kair placenta two week ago and i need to know has anybody had fine pimples and an itch while using it? Is it advisable to continue?

  70. Anonymous
    10/18/2016 / 13:40

    Is it save to used on babies hair

  71. Anonymous
    10/18/2016 / 13:43

    Is it save to used on babies hair

    • Reshma
      02/10/2019 / 05:57

      No…the placenta is a hormone treatment.

  72. Nicole Hunter
    11/24/2016 / 03:01

    Yes you leave it on & if you read above it tells you how to apply

  73. 12/22/2016 / 07:26

    Hi Elise
    Do you spray it on your roots before, whilst wet, or after blow drying your hair.

  74. 12/23/2016 / 05:05

    Hi Elise
    Do you spray it on your roots before, whilst wet, or after blow drying your hair.

  75. Rene Roux
    02/07/2019 / 15:03

    Hi i started using it today, cant wait to see at the end of the month! Thanks for the tip.

  76. Yolanda
    03/29/2019 / 15:17

    I have low porosity hair is it ok to leave the placenta out from the mixture

  77. 03/29/2019 / 15:53

    I have low porosity hair Iโ€™m trying to stay away from protein products for my hair what can I replace placenta with ?

  78. Cleo MAkofane
    04/02/2019 / 09:47

    HI. Could you kindly post some sort of tutorial or step by step on how to apply to get the best results and whether it is safe to use on course hair (i’m black)

  79. Marlida van Wyk
    04/08/2019 / 13:25

    Good day,

    I would like to know can I only use the mixture and 1 extra ampule of placenta in shampoo and/or conditioner and use it like that for
    treatment or do I need to spray it on my roots as well?

    Thank you in advanced!

  80. Zama
    05/03/2019 / 18:30

    Please help i also need to try it out, I’ve bought all the products but I’m not sure how long do i have to stay before i wash it out.

  81. Robyn
    05/28/2019 / 08:18

    Hi. I’ve bought the 20ml Bergamot essence, the 200ml bay rum, and the 3 x 10ml Placenta ampules. How would mix these and how would I use it? I do not not frizz my hair, I blowdry and flatiron it. When its dirty it is in a ponytail.

  82. LH
    06/09/2019 / 19:02

    Hi. I just came across your Recipie for hair loss. Please confirm the method:?
    – Half 20ml bottle Bergamot-essens oil (Lennon Brand)
    – half 200ml bottle bay rum (Dischem brand)
    – 1 ampoule 10ml placenta treatment (Nu-Hair Brand)

    Then what? I add the above products/quantities in a spray bottle? I apply it on the roots or on all the hair? When do I apply it? In the evenings while the hair is completely dry? We do not need to wash the hair after applying this treatment? How frequently do I apply it? While I do this treatment can I remain washing my hair with ordinary shampoo? Or is there a specific shampoo brand to use (more neutral shampoo) ?

  83. Lee
    06/28/2019 / 17:10

    Hi ladies, I’m excited. Iv always used placenta by itself until I came across this article. This recipe is awesome. Also try to incorporate rice water. It is also amazing.

  84. Arinda
    07/01/2019 / 17:32

    I have a bottle of placenta from hair by Anet, can I use the whole bottle and then 100ml Bay rum and 10 ml Bergamont essens?

  85. Lungisile Bellina Mangena
    07/08/2019 / 20:01

    I can vouch for this, I was told about it when I had lost all my hair through chemo. It even improves the quality of hair- mine used to be very thin.

  86. Rina
    08/25/2019 / 19:23 did u find it..are your hair growing well,? Is it amazing and what does it do to your hair and the growth,?

  87. Vanessa
    09/09/2019 / 17:53

    Dear Mandy

    Excuse me for being thick if I have missed it. I wonder if you could let me know the quantities / proportions / ratio of the ingredients
    for the hair growth serum? I live abroad – my best friend in Cape Town just told me about how much this potion has helped her with
    hair regrowth. I’d like to purchase the ingredients here – please also specify if it is specific placenta (e.g., sheep / goat)
    that needs to be purchased.

    Many kind thanks for sharing your wonderful knowledge.
    God bless,

  88. Soemaya
    09/28/2019 / 09:29

    Hi, Iโ€™ve used it and Iโ€™ve recommended it to my friends too. It works perfectly. ๐Ÿ‘

  89. Teresa
    10/25/2019 / 20:17

    I wash my hair everyday can I use the mixture after every wash and leave it on and style my hair like usual.

  90. Cheryll
    11/25/2019 / 11:44

    Hi Mandy,
    I see many of the ladies say this mixture makes the hair dry. My hair has been damaged through hair salons over processing and I am a bit nervous to use this as my hair needs moisture. I have bought all the ingredients and have made the spritz. Please advise

  91. Fatima Dos Ramos
    12/11/2019 / 04:57

    Hi….. What if I also now and then only rub Burgamont Esssense on my sculp? Will it boost hair growth?

  92. 03/14/2021 / 07:10

    People in my area have no clue that fast hair growth amino scalp therapy shampoos (of course with no sulfates, no parabens and no DEA) are even a thing. We are now able to achieve longer hair and enjoy more options. Definitely worth checking out.

    Whether you’re examining hair loss, hair damage, preventing scalp disorders, hair growth, hair care normally, very similar ideas actualize.

    In general, you have to stay away from hair treatments and products that use chemicals like parabens, DEA or sulfates.

    What’s good for your hair is good for your skin all the same.

    For obvious reasons the content on this page is so accurate for many reasons. It steers away from the usual mistakes and traps so many fall into- buying bad alternatives. Thank you!

  93. 03/22/2021 / 00:34

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog with us i will share it with my friends.

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