The Kid takes on the world of hair care

It’s a bitter-sweet moment when your 12 year old decides she’s old enough to wash her own hair. You almost feel irrelevant. Well, that’s how I felt when The Kid decided she’s “big enough”. Being the over-protective single momma, I stood beside her, taking pics and guiding her along the way. Thought I’d share her (my) proud moment. 

She shampooed with Tresemme Naturals. It has a lower sulphate content than most. If you can suggest a sulphate free shampoo, please comment below. 
Then she mixed her own deep-conditioner – Tresemme Naturals Conditioner (I personally love this stuff), a teaspoon of raw honey and a drizzle of castor oil

Combing through the deep conditioner. She asked for my help with this part 🙂
I absolutely love that her natural hair is growing healthy. Note the relaxed bits? 
After she completed all of the hard work, momma blew out her hair and then flat ironed it. 
The end result
I sectioned off one side and flat-twisted it halfway to create this style. 
She was rather quite proud of herself, as was I.

She cannot wait to “rock her fro” in December. That’s the due date of her BC (big chop – cut off all the relaxed her). 
Thanks for viewing. How do you maintain your child’s hair? Do you have any suggestions or methods we could try? 

Stay Gold,

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  1. 08/04/2014 / 14:09

    Mine are quite younger (2, 6 & 8), so I only shampoo every 4 – 6 weeks, otherwise I use a conditioner to wash their hair (obviously sometimes they play in dirt then I have to shampoo). I condition and/or deep condition every time I wash their hair.
    I limit the use of heat, I use ukuqhina (African threading) to stretch their hair.
    I use the LCO method tp moisturize – my L (liquid) is water mixed it glycerin; My C (cream) is Tresemme Conditioner (I also LOVE the stuff) diluted in water – sometimes I don't dilute (our hair gets DRY!); My O (oil) is coconut oil, with castor oil for the ends (sometimes olive, castor, grapeseed – whatever my budget, and kitchen, allows)

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