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You know how sometimes you get real excited about an event? You’ve acquired the perfect dress, you’ve found matching shoes, you have the ultimate hairstyle planned and your nails are perfectly manicured in anticipation… and then life happens. It could be the cancellation of the event or your kid gets ill or… well you get the picture I’m sure.

I had just announced the launch of the 3 month hair growth challenge. I was so excited and hyped up. Then the flu bug hit me so severely, I was left incarcerated (allow me the dramatics ladies, it’s been a bit crazy on my side) for an entire week. 

After the second day of being confined to my bed, one very important question came to mind “What the hell am I gonna do with my hair now?!” I am not even joking right now- There I was lame from flu pain, coughing like a dog, popping 5 different pills 3 times a day – and my primary thought was about the health of my hair!? The thing is, I was to weak to tackle the situation right then and there so I waited until about day 4. That’s when your hair starts turning into a dreaded mess (Oh come on, don’t judge me. You know exactly what I mean)
You see I committed a horrible hair crime, I neglected to use my Silk Helmet while I was ill. Anyway, day 4 was the day I decided to take a chance by washing my tresses. I used Tresemme Naturals shampoo because trust me, my hair needed something strong to get clean. I am totally ok about using a lower sulfate shampoo every once in awhile. I then used Tresemme Naturals conditioner as a leave-in after I plopped my hair, followed by coconut oil and Tresemme heat protectant (I swear this post was not sponsored by Tresemme) and then I used the tension method to blowout my hair. 

I thought it would be the perfect time to try out my Rockin Naturals Aloe Vera Gel (Oh yes honey’s. Rockin Naturals have a brand new product available to you from the 17th of July). 
Gel and I are not usually friends. I try to avoid the icky stuff as it makes my hair … well, icky. So I was pleasantly surprised at how much my hair loved this product. It’s not as jelly-like as you may think. Rockin Naturals co-owner, Kasuba, told me that she kept the gel as natural to the actual Aloe plant as possible, and she has done an amazing job. Then I started flat-twisting my hair into a Goddess twist a la Tracee Ellis Ross. Believe me, anything with Goddess in the title is enough to give one a much needed boost after the week I had. It was the perfect crown. 
This look stayed in for 3 days and it gave me a stunning twist out style thereafter. 
How awesome is Rockin Naturals’ new logo! 
Now, a few of you have no idea what a flat-twist is or how to achieve the Goddess hairstyle. Regrettably, I did not take pics of my twist out. But have no fear, I’ve posted a few pics below and I have included a rather cute video created by vlogger GhanaCuty aka Simply Being Nina, which explains how simple it is to achieve the look. 

Miss Tracee Ellis Ross (everybody curtsey)

3 Month Hair Growth Challenge News

Thanks so much to everyone who has decided to take on the challenge. I am so excited that majority of you are loving what the mixture is doing for your hair. A few of you tell me that your hair has never been softer or felt healthier. I love that it’s not just about the growth, but about all round hair health too. 

Rockin Naturals will be sponsoring the first prize (yay!!) The mini hamper includes: 1 x Aloe Vera Gel, 1 x Shampoo, 1 x Herbal Hot Oil, 1 x Shea Butter and a 
sample of their new hair pudding. 

To enter, all you have to do is join the conversation on one of my social media pages and use hashtag #MandysHairGrowthChallenge (@themandyex on instagram and twitter)

The first winner will be announced in the last week of July 2015. Good luck! 

(The hair growth challenge is proudly sponsored by MzansiFro, Silk Helmet Lady

Stay Gold, 

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