And the first winner is…

Oh my word ladies, choosing a winner is sooo not easy! I did not expect the Winter Growth Challenge to be as successful as it is. More people are joining as I type this. Welcome, come on in, enjoy the journey with us! 

Before I announce the very first winner of the challenge (yes, I plan on stretching it out a bit *maniacal laugh*) I thought I would give you my measurements. Admittedly, I was off sick for about a week and therefore stayed away from the mixture for 2 whole weeks. My hair was not happy with me at all. Keep in mind that my hair grows 1cm per month:

                                                                       June           July  

                                        Front                       27 cm           30 cm
                                        Top                         26.5 cm         28.5 cm
                                        Side                        26.5 cm         28.5 cm
                                        Back                       24 cm            25 cm

Notice how the back only grew by 1 cm? That’s because I refrained from using the mixture in that section. I wanted to show you the difference it made. 
Considering I only used it for 2 weeks I am rather pleased with my growth and my hair feels exceptionally soft!! 
NB: Your growth may be different to mine. I am merely doing measurements to prove that the mixture actually works. 

Here’s what others had to say: 

Thanks ladies! 

Right! Let’s get to it – The very first winner of #MandysHairGrowthChallenge is none other than Thoko Radebe. Congratulations Thoko, thanks for sharing your experience, using the hashtag on the FB page as well as other pages. I will be in contact with you shortly!! The +Rockin Naturals hamper will be heading your way soon. A massive word of thanks to Rockin Naturals for sponsoring the first prize. 

How beautiful are these two!! #RedLipsFTW
Keep using the hashtag #MandysHairGrowthChallenge on my FB page (much easier to keep track there), twitter and instagram (even easier to find!). There are at least 4 more fantastic prizes to win! How excited are you about that!! 

I would love to hear from you. Drop me an email, comment below or on The Mandy Expedition page.

Stay Gold, 

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