My hair journey… the beginning

November 2012 was the last time I relaxed my hair. While my stylist was working on my tresses, I kept asking myself WHY I was doing it. I made a vow to never go down that road again! I transitioned for a year and then finally, on 4 December 2013… after a number trims, youtube video’s, googling and procrastination  – I decided to do the dreaded BC. My heart literally stopped while my stylist cut my hair into a TWA… no really… I COULDN’T FLIPPEN BREATHE! It was one of the SCARIEST things I had to do in forever!! It was also the BEST decisions I made… EVER.   But more about that later. Below is some pics of my hair in the relaxed, transitioning and current phase. Enjoy!

Relaxed and blown out. I miss my length but I WILL get there again.
Just after my final relaxer
During the transitioning phase

I decided to do the BC after seeing this pic. It was clear my curls needed some help
2 months after my Big Chop (BC)

I am LOVING every minute of this journey! 

Stay Gold,



  1. Anonymous
    04/11/2014 / 07:21

    Super proud sissie

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