Learning my hair

On Sunday I decided to finally try some heat on my hair again. The last time I attempted a blow out was on Christmas morning of 2013 and it was a complete disaster. It was dry and brittle and I didn’t know any better. This time around I opted for a roller set and blew it dry on low heat. To start off, I shampooed my hair twice with Tresemme Naturals (gorgeous smell). I then deep conditioned with Tresemme Naturals conditioner and about a table spoon of coconut oil. This was the result: 

At this point my hair was heavily saturated. I was tempted to leave it as a “wash n go” but decided against it. I then wrapped a towel around my head, squeezed out excess water and was quite surprised by my soft, fluffy curls… 

I was SO  surprised by my own natural curl. Remember, I have been relaxing my hair my WHOLE life. Doing this hair journey made me realise that I do not know the pattern of my own curl. The longer my hair gets, the more my pattern changes. It also depends on what products I use. Anyway, on to the roller set. I combed out my hair and for the first time in my life… I achieved THE AFRO!!! …

I’m not brave enough to rock the full-on afro, but I am getting there. It is my ultimate goal – to flaunt my God given natural hair in all it’s glory… the bigger the better! For me it’s a spiritual/psychological journey. I am unlearning norms that society prevailed on me and finally living the life I am meant to. But that’s for another time…  on to the roller set…

Add some red lipstick and the whole world is brighter! Learning my hair has become one of my dearest passions. I will definitely try this look again. 

Stay Gold,



  1. 04/22/2014 / 13:45

    Love ur hair, urs is the hair i always wanted. So funny yo read what a struggle it is to be accepted as a natural in cape town, i thought it was the norm down there, goddessa,brase vannie kaap, all had curls & i was like i wana be like them

  2. 04/22/2014 / 13:48

    I think as women, we are never really satisfied. It's time we change that and accept who we are as individuals.

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