My 24 Hours of FAME

Two weeks ago a journalist from The Cape Argus, Esther Lewis, called me up and asked if I would be interested in a piece she was writing about “going natural”. I don’t think she completed her sentence when I shouted YES into my phone. I mean it was a big, fat, loud… YES!!! I may have deafened her for a few seconds (eager much?)

The interview  (and photo-shoot) took place a few days later, and on the 30th of April 2014, I became a star… for a day… and only to those who bought The Cape Argus… but still a star.

I must admit I was nervous as all hell the day the article came out. Mostly, because I wasn’t sure how the reader would take to my honesty in the article. At 7am that morning, I turned to a friend (who was away on holiday) who said ” I think it’s cool, it’s like an executive summary of your blog. And you’re in the newspaper” Those words made me realise an important fact – I WAS IN THE FREAKING NEWSPAPER!!!!

This post is a  massive shout-out to all those who read my blog, follow me, believe in me, care about my journey (even though it seems nonsensical to you, you know it’s important to ME) and to those special people who help me pull myself towards myself when I go into freak-out mode. I am blessed and YOU are amazing.

*Also, how awesome is the title of Esther’s article? Relax? Don’t do it. I think I’ll make that my hair journey theme song. Well done on a great piece Esther and thank you for allowing me to tell my story.




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