How to diffuse your hair / BaByliss expert 2200 ionic review

Back in 1999 BC (Before Curls), I received a hairdryer as a birthday gift. It came with a nozzle and a hair diffuser. I distinctly remember looking at the diffuser thinking “what must happen with this thing!?” I had no idea what it was used for… Fast forward to 2018 AD (After Damage) and I honestly can’t stop using this curl popping device!

I received the BaByliss expert 2200 ionic hairdryer with the diffuser attachment about a month ago, and it has been my trusted companion for every wash n go style this summer.

Using a diffuser for the first time can be quite confusing – well it was for me anyway. I thought I’d share my method with you to ease the frustration a little.

  1. After washing/wetting your hair, apply a leave in conditioner and  allow it to air-dry for 30 minutes. I usually pineapple my hair to give it more volume
  2. Take down your hair and add a heat protectant
  3. Always use low speed and set the heat to medium
  4. Work the diffuser across the top of your head in gently circular movements
  5. Next, gently part your hair and collect the tips of your curls into the diffuser – remember to use the low setting
  6. Add a styling cream or gel of your choice to finish off your style

That’s it! Easy peasy…

Diffusers are excellent for creating volume. They don’t disturb your natural curl pattern, they help eliminate frizz and of course they make drying your wash n go’s in Winter so much more pleasant!

I know there are quite a few hair dryers with diffuser attachments on the market right now, and choosing one can be rather confusing. The BaByliss expert 2200w ionic hair dryer is more than you could bargain for. It’s not to heavy, has a nice grip, the diffuser and nozzle attachments are quite firm – it definitely gets my vote!

Clicks is running a promotion on selected BaByliss products and the great news is that the expert 2200 ionic hairdryer just happens to be on special too! Better hurry though, sale ends 21 Feb!



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