Dynamite for your hair – The Indalo Care review

When I first met Noma from Indalo Care she told me that her products, although in tiny 100ml – 125ml bottles, would last about 3 months. I laughed a little bit inside because between The Kid and I, a 100ml bottle of shampoo is a joke. Well Noma, I was wrong. Here we are 3 months later and Indalo Care’s 6 step products are still alive and well in our home, and boy do they pack a punch. I guess dynamite really does come in small packages

Noma Rebe-Dlomo, founder of Indalo Care
Noma suggested that the products work really well on type 4 hair so The Kid has taken claim of it entirely. The 100ml bottles make it very easy for her to handle, and she quickly discovered that a little goes a long way.

The Indalo Care range consists of a 6 steps – cleanser, conditioner, leave-in mist, moisturizing oil, strengthening oil and possibly the best smelling shea butter I have inhaled to date. I am still trying to figure out what exactly goes into it! 

On using the cleanser, conditioner and leave-in mist for the first time, The Kid exited the bathroom with a huge smile on her face and exclaimed ” Feel how soft this makes my hair!” 
I gleefully added some of the moisturizing oil to her very soft fro, parted her hair in 4 and started blow drying her hair on a low heat using a boar bristle paddle brush (another fabulous find). I then added some shea butter, twisted her hair and these are her results –
Besides the obvious shine, manageability and new found strength in her hair, the little minx has been bragging that her hair is growing since using the Indalo Care range and I shouldn’t be jealous of her fab fro – Ha! Her hair has honestly been flourishing since using these products. Little does she know that I’ve been using the oils and shea butter on my hair too. Don’t judge, I’m her mom. I’m teaching her to share and I needed to experiment. My results were just as spectacular. 

Have you ever experienced the dance of sheer joy when you find a product that actually plays well with your hair? Well you can imagine how I feel since this product is proudly South African, works for all ethnic hair types and since they range from R 35 to R 130, they are highly affordable!

If you would like to give Indalo Care a try, you can contact Noma via the Indalo Care Website or via their Facebook page.
                                 Do your hair a favour, try out the Indalo Care range! 
Stay Gold, 

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