Cape Town Naturally – The first meet up

About two years ago I met Kasuba in the CBD to discuss our mutual passion (hair – duh!) and an idea I had to start a group for people wanting to return to their natural hair. Little did I know that Kasuba had the exact same thing on her mind. We discussed our vision of a group where all the members would be asked a series of questions to validate their commitment. We would encourage members to be interactive at all times.We recruited Kas’s business partner, Chantal and Eleanor J’adore, and the next day Cape Town Naturally was born. 

Saturday 16 April would be the first time we were all in the same city at the same time, and we needed to celebrate with a natural hair meet-up which included the members of Cape Town Naturally. Putting the event together was a labour of love which just happened to take place on Eleanor’s birthday (even more reason to celebrate). It was held at Piano Bar in Napier Street and it was everything we had hoped for. 

We received sponsorship from brands such as Design Essential (who finally launched their brand in Cape Town – yay!), Talish Nature, Cotton Curls, IndaloCare, Nubian Nature and of course Cape Town’s own, Rockin Naturals. We cannot thank these brands enough for believing in Cape Town Naturally. Join their pages to find out more about the amazing work they’re doing for South African Naturals 🙂




Cape Town Naturally admins with some lucky winners
L-R: Darian Roman, Me, Kasuba Stuurman, Samantha-Jane Samaai, Eleanor Barkes & Chantal De Kock















With the birthday girl and fellow blogger, Eleanor J’adore
Our speakers were Kieran, a natural hairstylist in Cape Town (yes lovelies, I finally found one) and Rhadamés Julián, the director of a documentary entitled Follicle. Follicle is about  “how hair and imagery create barriers that limit people of the African Diaspora from reaching their true identity”The feedback of the event was all positive and we intend to have many more of them in months to come. I realise that some of you may be upset that I didn’t blog about it, but we decided to afford members of Cape Town Naturally first because of limited space. Our aim is to encourage Cape Town’s bossiekoppe (busy haired people) to embrace who they truly are by rocking their natural hair. 

Okay so for more pics of this awesome event I have created my very first YouTube video. Yay me! It’s more of a showreel of the pics taken from various guests than a video but hey, give this old girl some time and she’ll get to the vlogging bit eventually. Hope you enjoy and remember to…..

Stay Gold, 





  1. 08/22/2016 / 12:13

    Why did I only find out about your blog now :'(. Sadly I don't have Facebook(deactivated ages ago and don't plan on getting it again) is there another way I can stay in the loop about future events. Also do you have Kieran's contact details, I've beeeeen looking for a curly friendly stylist. Thank you so much for the post, looking forward to following this blog's progress.

  2. Anonymous
    08/22/2016 / 12:15

    Hi Mandy, I'm currently 15months (aprox) into my transition to natural hair and I'm so bummed I missed out on this. Looking forward to the next one at which point I may be 100% natural! I'm excited about the natural hair movement happening in Cape Town and SA as a whole. Curly Girls Rock. Keep it up and keep well 🙂

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