100 ways to celebrate

Okay this title is a little misleading but I caught your attention didn’t I? If you are reading this you are reading the 100th post on my blog. Whaaat? Are you kidding me? Yep, I finally made it.
 When I started blogging I did not think I would ever get here. I also never thought it would take me this long, but hey, who’s counting? ME! That’s who… to ONE HUNDRED! Can you tell that I’m proud of myself? 

To celebrate my 100th post I thought I would share some photo’s Maurice took of Eleanor and I on the day before the Cape Town Natural Hair Fest. Yep, we did an impromptu #Bossiekop shoot in my hood and it was lit fire (okay Amanda, you’re 41, enough with the inappropriate slang) so much fun. 

I loved this shoot so much because it was spur of the moment (we were packing goodie bags a few moments before), the wind blew like crazy and we had no time to look our cutest. Just two curlfriends hanging out for the day. Memories are made of these. 

But wait, that’s not all… guess who made her first official YouTube appearance? 

Eleanor and I had a ball doing the Curly Girl Tag. That’s where she asks me a bunch of questions about my hair journey and vice versa. Check it out, give it a thumbs up, comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to Eleanor’s channel for more gems!  



  1. 02/27/2017 / 18:21

    Julle mag maar. You two look so sexy, so beautiful

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