Why I’m moving content to YouTube

Here’s a little secret about me, I have always wanted to be in front of the camera or on stage. It was a dream that I let go of, because I didn’t believe that I was any good at it. Then I ended up married to an actor/presenter. How ironic!

My husband, Maurice has been in the entertainment industry since his university years. He can stand in front of a camera, on stage or in a radio studio and entertain you at the drop of a hat. I am always in awe of his talent.

Maurice suggested that I start up my YouTube channel three years ago, because he saw something in me. I’ve created some content on my channel, but I wasn’t really happy with it. So last month I decided to challenge myself to produce more natural hair content for YouTube.

Now I may be a natural hair ambassador, but I have never denied my lack of hairstyling skills. Yes I can style my own hair (kinda) and I’ve certainly styled Caitlin’s hair, but I’m not on the level of the guru’s of this world and I am sure many of you aren’t either. My aim is to present my hairstyling in a way we can all relate to. Easy to follow, sometimes awkward and always authentic.

Natural Hair Styling Challenge

The idea behind my challenge is to step outside of my comfort zone, learn a few new hair styling skills and follow my lifelong dream. Maurice and I have produced two new videos and we will be premiering another on the 8th of May at 1pm.

My channel has less than a thousand subscribers and the views are not as many as the Liza Koshy’s of this world, but I must say that I am having the best fun presenting in front of a camera and following my passion! Yes, I would love to reach a thousand subscribers by my birthday on the 22nd of May. The difference is I’m not obsessing over the growth and I’ve stopped comparing myself to others. In doing so, I’ve started enjoying creating content again.

I’ve learnt so many more lessons by stepping out of my comfort zone and walking towards my dream. Rest assured, I will still be blogging and keeping you up to date on my other platforms, but for now, allow me to end off by being true to my new YouTuber status: “Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe, and I’ll see you in the next one!


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