The Twisted Goddess – Style Challenge #6

Hello beautiful!

Confession: I’ve become so lazy these past few months that I am quite embarrassed about the state of my hair. If you search under #bunlife, you’ll probably see my face. But if you follow me you know that I tend to keep it as real as I can be. We all have our bad hair days, am I right!? 

Then I was asked to do a style challenge. Since this week is kinda crazy, I thought I would just show you how I get my hair stretched by using (wait for it) the bun method. I figured that would be defying the purpose of the challenge, so I became inspired to do a style which is a new take on an old personal favourite. I call it The Twisted Goddess Up/Down Do

 To achieve this style I used my bergamot essence spritz, R&B hair moisturiser from Lush (Lush calls it a moisturizer but water is the only true moisturizer. It’s more of a hair butter. I really fantastic and yes, pricey hair butter) and Eco Styler gel to lay my edges and fly-aways down neatly ( This product does not leave your hair hard, does not flake and does everything it claims to do. A must purchase).

I spritzed some bergamot mixture on my 4th day wash n go and separated the front and back with a ponytail holder. I then parted the front, added some R&B, Eco styler gel and did two flat-twists. Was presently surprised by how long my hair is growing while doing this. 

Cross the two flat twists over your head once or twice and secure with bobby pins after each cross-over. 

This style is perfect for the office, when you’re out shopping or simply just lazing around at home. You can also remove the ponytail holder and you’re ready for a night out!!

I loved doing this style back when I had my TWA. I used a bra strap or elasticated headband to separate the front and back, twisted the front, secured with pins and voila! 

Let me know what you think of this look and if you decide to give it a go. 
I will be back on Christmas day to show you a new style I am yet to attempt. 
Be safe on the roads, don’t spend to much money, remember the reason for the season, Merry Christmas and…

Stay Gold, 


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