The Big Blow Out

Confession – I have not trimmed my hair since my big chop on the 4th of December 2013! Yeah, yeah… I know *Shock*Horror* “hashtag lazy naturalista”

So this past Saturday, I decided that it was time. I washed and deep conditioned my own hair (because quite frankly, I was a bit skeptical about what they’d put on my hair – as most naturals are) and off we went – The Kid in tow as well, of course. 

I was a bit taken aback when the stylist told me that she only cuts on dry hair because she works better that way. She made me very aware of her “good hand” to put me at ease – I think I had a worried look on my face. Now this needs to be said, if you’re a coloured girl and you’ve moved out of your hometown, you know that no matter how professional a hairstylist may be, when it comes to someone blowing out your hair, there is no one better to do it than one of the “chlora aunties” who knows how to work with type 3 and 4 kinda hair. Those are just the facts! You either go back to your hometown or you interrogate look for someone who knows… You know? 

Fortunately for me, this particular stylist was in my home-town and she knew. Yes, she looked a bit traumatized at first because my fro had really come out to play by the time it was my turn to take the hot seat – but she rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

I cannot even begin to tell you how fast my heart was beating through that hour of blow-drying and trimming and … yes… even flat-ironing. But, I did it. I conformed to my straight-haired self for a few days and it was fun

What I enjoyed most about the experience was people’s reactions to my hair. I received everything from a  “Ok. You can delete your blog now ” to a “What happened to curly and ethnic and all that” a hashtag “#BringBackTheCurls” and even a point blank “I don’t like it. It’s not you.” 
The truth is, they’re both me. Yes, I do prefer my curls. It took me a long time to learn about them, to love them and to understand that they are me. But every once in a while, this happens: 

and this…

and one more for good measure…

I have to add that natural truly is the way to go for healthy hair in my opinion. I am reiterating the MY because I am no expert. I am simply listening to my hair and I must say that it has never been more healthy, manageable, shiny and full of body. 

For those of you who have been wondering this is my look today…

The curls have returned… with shrinkage and all! 

I’m rocking a wash & go with some Tresemme Naturals Conditioner (I use it as a leave in) and a little bit of Rocking Naturals Raw Shea Butter. Yes, Rocking Naturals Shea Butter… but more about that next time. For now, thanks for reading and …

Stay Gold,



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  1. 09/18/2014 / 11:24

    Wow you hair is LONG……I like both the curly and the blown out hair it is just you. I also need to do a trim but I am scared of what they will do to my hair I keep making and cancelling the appointment (lol) the last time I trimmed was in February and I trimmed it myself (I don't advise it at all) but your hair looks REALLY healthy as well…..WOW is all I have to say and they say……..

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