Style Challenge Day #4&5

I realise this post is so delayed but due to glitches and life happening, it could not be helped. I am back though and I will keep the posts coming. 

On day 4 & 5 I dusted off something I found in my memento box from 1993 – the year I was in matric – ye ol banana clip! 
Ok so I don’t have a memento box and no dust was involved. Just thought the image of Indiana Jones finding an old relic was much better than saying: ” I went to chinatown and found a banana clip the other day”

Excitement pursued when I found it. It brought back so many memories and I had so much fun trying out different styles. 

Day #4’s style was a bit of a fluke though. I’ve come to realise most of my hairstyles are flukes but if you wear your crown with confidence, nothing can hold you back. I separated front and back sections, placed the banana clip at the back, pinned the front section around the slide and finished it off with a band. 

On day 5 again, I separated front and back sections, placed the banana clip at the back, flat twisted the front and pinned it in place with some bobby pins.
Think I can bring the banana clip trend back? 
Thanks for always reading, commenting and sharing. 

Stay Gold,



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  1. Vee
    04/14/2015 / 15:50

    Looks good!
    The banana grip was my fave go-to, before I BC'd recently. It's sitting there in my cupboard, waiting patiently, while I grow out my hair 😉

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