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Hi, welcome to my new blog. If you followed me from my Cape Town Curly days, you’re probably reading this and wondering why I decided to change things up. Don’t worry, you can still find the hair content. I just have so much more to say. So pull up a chair and grab some tea while I get ready to spill some. I’m about to let you in on a little secret.

Turning back the clock

Everything happened about this time last year, when the world was still normal(ish). I had just left the office to do some grocery shopping. It was a beautiful , yet cold winter’s day. And then it hit me. Right in the middle of the V & A Waterfront. This wave of heat stemming from the very core of my being. I couldn’t understand it at the time. Was I coming down with a fever?

 It lasted for all of 1 minute, and then it disappeared. Then it was gone, just as quickly as it had appeared. It happened again a few times after that. It crept up on me while at work, at home while watching tv… I never gave it much thought. Thinking back, I was definitely in denial.

Twenty @#$%ing  Twenty

My year started off like a bat out of hell. The first week of 2020 saw me in hospital with gastro. A few months later, Caitlin and I were back at the doctor’s surgery with the same issue. On top of that,  I suffered my very first anxiety attack which booked me off work for weeks. I was very open about how I despised 2020 BC (Before Corona), but something else happened during that time and I need to fess up.

The Change

Early one morning in February I woke up in a pool of sweat. Another heat wave. However this time it was different. My bedding was soaked. Could it be another case of gastro?

I visited my doctor and explained my symptoms to him. I remember laughing (and swearing at him in my head) when he told me he was going to draw some blood to check if I was perimenopausal.

Perimenopausal? What the hell does that mean?

Perimenopause means “around menopause” and refers to the time during which your body makes the natural transition to menopause, marking the end of the reproductive years. Perimenopause is also called the menopausal transition. Women start perimenopause at different ages


I asked my girlfriends if they had heard of this term and unsurprisingly, they had not. It occurred to me that the topic was completely taboo. No one wanted to be heading that way. Menopause (and midlife) is a sign of aging and mood swings and weight gain and no one wanted to go there.

The GP called a few days later to confirm. I was definitely starting my journey to menopause. Tests confirmed that I was showing signs of the beginning of perimenopause. Can’t say that I was surprised, the signs were all there. Irregular periods, emotional roller coaster rides and of course those @#!&ing hot flashes that crept up on me at the most inconvenient times.

Why Glowing up

I started searching for other women, blogs, influencers going through the same thing . Of course it wasn’t easy to do, because like I said, the topic is taboo. No one wants to admit that they’re getting older or that things aren’t functioning like they used to. So I decided to document this new chapter of my life. I refuse to be bogged down by the pessimism surrounding  age. My aim is to trash the negativity and embrace this new phase of life. Hot flash? What hot flash? We don’t sweat honey, over here we glow!

glowingup.co.za is dedicated to women who share the same outlook on middle age. It is a safe space to chat about this very special yet neglected time in our life. We will be exploring style, beauty and wellness. We will get deep and sometimes even very intimate. One thing is for sure, we will not be holding back. Hope you enjoy the ride!



  1. Nadine
    07/16/2020 / 09:39

    Thank you for this honest write up – when I saw on Instagram that you’re changing your niche, for some reason I knew exactly where this was going! I’ve been perimenopausal for 4 years now and you’ve inspired me even more now than ever to tell my story too xx

    • 07/16/2020 / 09:43

      Thank you so much for sharing. Please do!!We need to speak up about it. I thought I knew everything but I really didn’t. We need to speak about this like we speak about menstruation. It’s a part of life. Young women can learn from us 🙌🏾

  2. Nadine
    07/16/2020 / 10:00

    Thank you for starting the conversation, sharing your journey and welcoming others to open up re their journeys. Perimenopause and menopause are in the forefront of my mind (at 43) and yes I have no idea what to expect so I’m following this blog closely to educate and ultimately also share my experiences with others. Thank you x

  3. Natasha Brown
    07/16/2020 / 10:09

    Love the content…looking forward to glowing up. 🤗

  4. Rene Haruna
    07/16/2020 / 10:40

    This is a very timely convo starter because this term is very much unheard of and so little is understood…this is exactly where I find myself and its a learning curve and am slowly getting to listen and understand my body…..because she talks.

  5. Natasha
    07/16/2020 / 11:47

    Love it 😁
    I have been on this journey since the age of 38 with the same hot flushes issues as well. Bed would be soaking wet in the morning 🤦🏽‍♀️
    Thank you for sharing it makes me feel normal if there is even a normal any longer

  6. Gadifele
    07/16/2020 / 13:18

    Thank you for opening up like this. While this is not something I’m dealing with yet, I’m turning 40 later thus year and I’ve been having sleepless nights about getting older. Looking forward to embracing this new chapter here👌🏾

  7. Tania Swanepoel
    07/16/2020 / 13:27

    Well done! Looking forward to this. Gosh, this post is so fortuitous for me, guess what I was googling yesterday!

  8. Anthea
    07/16/2020 / 22:35

    Looking forward to this. Always love your blogs as they’re so relatable ❤️ You’re doing a great job!

  9. Megan Edwards
    07/17/2020 / 01:41

    This is wonderful!!! The direction you’re taking is so needed I believe and women of all ages will benefit, even those who come before us. Congratulations Amanda…

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