Setting goals for 2019

Well hello dear reader. Happy 2019! I hope this year brings you a plethora of blessings. I’m easing into the new year and basking in its glory. Needless to say, the last few months of 2018 are a bit of a blur, but it was definitely eye-opening. It set me off on the right foot for my next 12 chapters.

I’ve never been one to make resolutions and we have moved past the “New Year, new me” way of life. No, this year the key phrase is “setting goals”. Thought I’d share a some of mine with you.

Goals for 2019

Live an intentional life

My key word for 2019 is Intentional. Living an intentional life means that I will be checking myself on a regular basis. We always have a choice in the way we live our lives. When you wake up in the morning you can choose your mood for the day. This year I choose to stop, smell the proverbial flowers, and breathe. I choose to enjoy this privilege we call life.

Would you like to know more about living an intentional life?

Healthy lifestyle for the win

I’ve always had a tumultuous relationship with food. After a lightbulb moment in 2018, I started dropping kilos by eating consciously – I’ve dropped 10kgs thus far. This will continue into 2019 and beyond.

Also, did I tell you how fast my hair is growing because of my new eating habits? Some of you mentioned that my hair and skin is looking healthier. Now you know why. I am shooketh! 

Are you still keen to learn about my healthy lifestyle journey?


More blog posts

There are times I feel that no one is really reading or paying attention to my posts. Meanwhile, you are doing just that. I may not have 10K followers or readers, but that doesn’t mean I should neglect you. Thanks so much for taking the time to read, support and follow me. You are appreciated.

Are there any posts you would like to do? Anything you would like me to review?

Travel more

Would you believe that I have never been out of South Africa? My aim has always been to visit as much of my own country as possible first. I’ve visited KZN, Gauteng, Free State and the Northern Cape in the past 2 years. Feeling very chuffed with myself. I foresee more flights in my future. #CatchFlightsNotFeelings.

Which country should I visit first?

Self care

Honey… when last have you spent time spoiling yourself? I’m not talking about spending money on a new outfit, I am talking about spending time with yourself and your own thoughts. Doing what you love.  Last week I took time out to read a book that has been on my bedside table for the past 7 months. It was exhilarating. I forgot how happy reading made me feel. Currently reading my second book for the year, so technically I am already winning at 2019.

How are you planning on caring for yourself this year?

Stay grateful

As humans we tend to focus on what we want. We hardly ever take a look around and bask in gratitude for what we currently have. I plan on showing my gratitude more often.

Name one thing you are grateful for right now.


Be less judgerag

Don’t be so shocked at this one, I am speaking my truth. There have been times when I want scream “Don’t use that on your hair” or “Why would you possibly want to wear that”. In the past year I have learnt that each one of us are on our own journey. We learn differently. It may take me longer to understand something than what it takes you. Sometimes I may never learn. But that’s okay. The key is not to have everyone think the same way you do, it is to accept, understand and appreciate difference.

Be Fearless

This is one that I am currently struggling with. There are goals I want to achieve but I am dragged down by believing that I am not good enough to achieve them. How dare I belittle myself like this. How dare I believe that I cannot achieve Beyonce’ status in my life. This year I choose to Be Yonce’.

These are just some of my personal goals for 2019. I am ready to make them happen.

Care to share some of yours?




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  1. 01/09/2019 / 16:30

    This is so beautiful!
    I read as well and itโ€™s amazing for alone time.
    You have many very important ideals shared in this post- May you see them through and continue to inspire us through your posts ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Bronwyn xx

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