Natural Hair Talk with Aisha O’ Reilly

Hello lovelies,

Long time no blog, but here I am with a juicy natural hair talk, just for you! I promise I’ll be better at it in the future. So as you know, I visited Durban to represent Aunt Jackie’s once again at #ClicksCurls in Durban. I have a Durban vlog coming out in the next few weeks that will cover some of my trip – really excited for you to see that. Yes, I said vlog! This curly girl has taken to vlogging and she is loving it. My plan is to try to post one per week if time allows. If there is anything you would like me to review or vlog about, please do let me know. I must say that I am enjoying the natural hair talk series I’ve been doing. I posted a video doing a crazy hair mask with Eleanor last week. You can check it out here. Please feel free to leave your comments below, or on my YouTube channel and please don’t forget to subscribe for more!

Meet Aisha O’Reilly

While I was in Durban I sat down with Aisha O’Reilly from the blog Aisha And Life. When I first started the transitioning phase of my journey I followed a few American vloggers but I wanted to follow someone local. That’s when I discovered My Fro & I TV, Aisha’s channel. Her vlog made me believe that I too could put my thoughts down and make a journal of my natural hair journey.

Take a look at what she had to say about her natural hair journey, starting her blog and more in my latest YouTube vlog below

No matter what your hair type is, be sure to check out Aisha’s 30 days 30 updos videos and be inspired. I STILL use that bra strap trick to this very day.

Till next time





  1. Juanita
    07/25/2018 / 11:22

    Hi there i need a hairdresser in Cape Town which can do this natural curly hair please

    • Deidre Marais
      08/05/2019 / 17:05

      Me too. Where do I go for good afro cuts??

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