My Wash n Go Routine

I’ve been getting quite a few requests about my day to day hair care routine. My favourite is the wash n go. I have been using parts of Eleanor J’adore’s Big Curly Hair routine
Check it out if you haven’t viewed it yet.

Look at her, isn’t she amazing! I have been using the basis of Eleanor’s routine for a few days now and I have not experienced a juicier, bouncier, shinier wash n go. 

My routine is as follows: 
1. Wash hair then plop (this is when you wrap your hair in a t-shirt as opposed to a towel to       soak up the water)
2. Smooth hair with coconut oil 
3. Finger detangle
4. Smooth some SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie on your hair
    (You can use any styling cream but FYI SheaMoisture products are available online               through Tender Loving Hair

5. Grab your hair dryer and blast some heat on your roots while gently pulling your hair
    (Don’t overdo this step. A little heat goes a long way. 
6. Pick and fluff, honey. Fluff! 

At night, I tie my hair in a pineapple to preserve some curls. Because I don’t own a silk/satin pillowcase, I simply wrap a silk scarf around my pillow and voila’!!! 

In the morning I untie, spritz some water, add some coconut oil, fluff, style and I am ready for my day. On day 3 I will spritz my hair with the hair growth mixture and repeat steps 2 to 6. Which routine do you use? Remember to click the “Join This Site” tab on the right. 

Stay Gold, Mandy


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