Mandy’s Hair Growth Challenge Tips

Ooooh excitement is really building up now. Are you ready to take the challenge? 

You know, when I first created the recipe, I questioned whether it actually worked. Then I decided to prepare myself properly before counting my chickens! Herewith a few tips to help you on your hair growth journey: 

1. Ladies (and those gents who are up for the challenge), please, please… pleeeaaasssee measure your hair before using the mixture. How else are you going to know whether it actually works? Take a measuring tape and record the measurements for your front, side, top and back. Then measure your hair the day before you start the challenge (30 June 2015) and record. Measure your hair again a week after you started. That is the only way you will know whether it works for you

2. Spritz your hair with the mixture every second or third day, massage it into your hair then twist. Twisting is a great way to protect your ends during winter and it helps combat the shrinkage too. 

3. If the mixture is to sticky for your hair, add less aloe water/juice and more water to even it out. We all have different hair types so as long as you keep to the key ingredients, feel free to play around with the mixture to suit your own hair type. You may even decide to add a few drops of peppermint oil for that tingly feeling. 
5. Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients before taking up the challenge. 
(Please click on the Mandy’s Growth Recipe tab for my disclaimer regarding this formula)

As a reminder, the recipe is:

Now for the exciting news – 

I have organized some prizes to giveaway during the Winter Hair Challenge (Yay!!) 
Thanks to the amazing MzansiFro, Silk Helmet Lady, Rockin Naturals and Eleanor J’adore for their support and sponsorship. Follow these ladies (and of course me) on Facebook, use hashtag #MandysHairGrowthChallenge, interact with me and let’s get ready to have some fun! Challenge starts 1 July 2015 and ends 1 October 2015. Winners will be chosen throughout the 3 months. 

Stay Gold,


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