Lockdown life during Covid-19

Photographs by Maurice Carpede

It’s been a while since I wrote up a blog post. I guess you could call it writers block. Being in lockdown will force the creative out of you, as I am sure many of you have discovered.

Writing has always been therapeutic for me and I’m so happy I’ve recaptured that during this time. As much as this global lockdown has been catastrophic to the economy and life in general, it has put a great deal into perspective for me. I am an ambivert and my husband Maurice and our daughter, Caitlin are introverts. They were quite concerned that I may not cope during this time. In truth, I think I may be flourishing. Thought I would share some of my life during lockdown with you.


If you’ve been following my Instagram and Facebook posts, you’ll know that I suffered my first anxiety attack just before the lockdown. I was forced to take a step back and search within to move on. This was a very difficult time for me, it is something I am still dealing with. Let me not beat about the bush here, if you are new to meditation it can be a very daunting experience, especially if you have ten thousand thoughts milling around in your head. Don’t give up though, clearing your mind and focusing on self is the goal. Just so you know, there is no right or wrong way to meditate. Everyone has their own unique way of reaching within. Honestly feel they should teach this stuff at school. This world would be a better place if we did.


Fact: I’ve been opening up the fridge door more times per day than I care to remember. Same goes for the grocery cupboards. Caitlin’s snack cupboard is looking mighty fine right about now too. I haven’t indulged, and I have no intention to. I am still happily living my low-carb life. I have however been feeling rather listless. Thing is, you never really know how much of a work-out you actually get during the day until you are cooped up at home. My colleague introduced me to online yoga sessions and it has been my saving grace.

I welcomed YouTuber, Adriene Mishler from Yoga with Adriene into my home about a week ago. She has a 30 day yoga program that my friends and I have been following. We meet up with Adriene at exactly 5pm and then have an online discussion about our individual experiences. Admittedly, we are not religious about doing it on a daily basis. We have however been feeling more aligned and relaxed on our yoga days. Will we continue our sessions after the lockdown? No idea, but this is a great way to connect with friends while getting in a great workout.

Just add lipstick

Okay, this is going to sound really silly, but I’ve taken to getting dressed up on the odd occasion. I am talking pretty dresses and a full face of make up. When you realize that you’ve spent the entire week in pajama pants and t-shirts, you kind of have the need to spruce things up a bit. So I want you to know that it’s perfectly okay to put on your favourite outfit. It’s good for the soul. I’ve always been a believer in power outfits. When you look good, you feel good. This has really lifted my spirits and it definitely falls under self-love practices.

If you think I’m nuts, read up on The Lipstick Effect over here.

History and research has shown that when the economy goes into a recession or a depression, the sale of lipstick increases. … A term coined after the Great Depression, which saw sales of cosmetics rise in the four years from 1929 to 1933.

Huffpost April 16, 2009

I guess the need to dress up and add a little bit of make up is not that unique after all. The Covid-19 lockdown may be a different kind of “Great Depression”, but we are still making time to reach for our favourite lipstick.

Become a Masterchef

Well not really, but I am sure that there is a recipe you’ve always wanted to try, but never got around to doing it. Now is that time.

I woke up one morning craving eggs benedict. I have never benedicted an egg in my life, so google was my friend. Needless to say my first attempt at poaching an egg was disastrous, but the hollandaise sauce was divine. Not exactly the consistency that I had hoped for, but I will get there. I used this recipe:

  • 4 egg yolks
  • 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup butter (melted)
  • pinch cayenne pepper
  • pinch of salt

Throw all the ingredients into a blender and voila! Okay, it’s maybe not the best recipe, but I am trying new things.

While we are on this topic, I’ve noticed the banana bread craze on my social media pages. It seems to be the recipe of choice during this time. Anyone have the recipe for banana bread using cauliflower? I am asking for a friend.

Catch up on your reading

Don’t have any books at home? No problem – catch up on a few blog posts.

Read up on the low-carb way of life here

Go back in time to find out why I decided to return to natural hair here

Or you can read this brilliant article about Hair & Complexion by Melanie Burke over here

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I am spending my time during lockdown. As always, I am more than willing to try out new ideas. I would love to hear what you are getting up to during this incomprehensible time. It’s definitely not an easy period in our lives, but I know we can get through it together.

p.s. I will be back next week with a new list of things to do during lockdown. Until then, be kind to yourself.


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