Life Update – April

When I first started this blog almost 5 years ago, my intention was never to be a content queen or have so many supporters at all. My main goal was to document my hair journey for myself and #TheKid. It was a way of keeping myself sane because a few years ago, wearing your bossiekop out was a mockery. I blogged to reassure myself that I was doing the right thing for my daughter and myself. I never imagined that anyone would actually read my words!

I can’t remember who sent me that first email to let me know that I was an inspiration to them, I do however know that it made me feel an immense sense of gratitude mixed with fear! Fear because the realization that my words were actually being read and followed and supported… I mean, I am by no means an expert in hair and I always state that the natural hair movement is extremely new and personal and there are no real experts out there. We are all learning as we go along, some of us just have a little bit more years doing this than others.

At the time that I started I had friends and family tell me that this little blog of mine wasn’t going anywhere because people have been curly for decades. All good and well but we know that returning to natural is not the same thing as wearing your curly hair out. It’s so not the same whatsapp group, but that is another post for another time.

Today I want to talk about where I am right now and get your opinion on how I should go forward.

After loads of hard work, Cape Town Curly has grown organically which I am ever so grateful for. Blogging and creating content is not easy. It takes a lot out of you mentally, physically and emotionally. As much as you may think that my life is an open book, I am but human and there is a massive chunk that I keep to myself.

Okay let me stop the rambling and get to the point. I want to take Cape Town Curly to the next level this year. I’ve dabbled around on youtube, talk about feeling exposed and uneasy. I have great respect for all my fellow bloggers who’ve made the move to vlogging. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel, check out the link here Be prepared for some awkward videos but hey, practice makes perfect, right?! I haven’t vlogged in awhile but I am keen to give it another go.

If there is a product you want me to review, let me know in the comment section below. It doesn’t only have to be hair related. Cape Town Curly is a lifestyle blog with a focus on natural hair. I blog about what interests and excites me, that includes events in and around Cape Town (or South Africa or the worlda girl can dream. I am speaking it into existence), products I love, fashion ( I love a good bargain), etc. If you are interested in starting up a blog of your own and need help, let me know in the comment section below.

I am really excited to get some input from you. Thank you so much for your support!

Oh! I forgot to mention, since my birthday is in less than a month, I will be giving away a few of my favourite things to one of you, so please make sure to follow me on Instagram, comment below and subscribe on YouTubeNB: This prize will include hair, beauty & sweet treats! 

Good luck!



  1. Val
    04/23/2018 / 12:10

    girl, you know i just got started. I still have to take you up on that coffee date to talk biz 🙂 Here’s to taking leaps and bounds in our journeys

    • capetowncurly
      04/23/2018 / 12:49

      I cannot wait! Let’s do it soon!

  2. Portia Petersen
    04/23/2018 / 12:12

    Hi Amanda, I have just started my natural journey; almost three months ago and I draw a lot inspiration from your posts as well as the other ladies on the Cape Town Naturally Facebook page. I have just started using the Mandy’s Mix and am hoping that it works for me as well as it does for some other ladies. I basically started my natural journey to support my two daughters aged 18 and 5 years old, I find this journey really liberating and daunting at the same time!

    I would like to see more reviews on natural hair products since I am a newbie and not quite sure what works for my hair. In my stash I have a few aunt Jackie’s products, Curl Chemistry and the Loreal Afro range shampoo and conditioner.

    I would also like to see some reviews on different hairstyles so that I have some sort of idea what to do with mine once I can start tying it up again.

    I thoroughly enjoy your posts!

    • capetowncurly
      04/23/2018 / 12:50

      You started your journey for the same reason I did. #WinningAtParenting! Thank you so much for your kind words. xoxo

  3. Tiffany
    04/23/2018 / 12:28

    I look up to you – and love what you stand for. I just started blogging too and would LOVE some pointers. Thank you for your honesty. There is such a false perception that these people in the spotlight have it all together ALL the time – it’s nice to be able to relate to those who share their ups and downs. But also show how far their passion brought them. Xxx

    • capetowncurly
      04/23/2018 / 12:54

      Why must you make me ugly cry like this! Thank you so much Tiffany, this means more than you will know. I am a queen at being flawsome. That is what I know for sure.

  4. Rozanne Adams
    04/23/2018 / 16:41

    Congratulations Amanda! I loved reading the posts on your blog and the pretty pictures are a definite bonus. I cannot wait to see where you take your blog in the future!

  5. Zia
    04/23/2018 / 16:51

    Such good stuff! I want to be like you when I grow up! xxx

  6. 04/23/2018 / 18:31

    How many times do I need to tell you to make more videos Girl? You totally grow into it x

  7. Odette
    04/23/2018 / 18:32

    You are such an inspiration! I remember when i started my natural hair journey over a year ago, you were the FIRST naturalista i followed and even dm’d for some advice. I’ve stayed glued to your page ever since! Silently trying out all your tips to find what works for me. Thank you for that. And just as a side note: i ABSOLUTELY love your eye for fashion! Keep doing what you are doing… Upwards and onwards i say!

  8. Kim
    04/23/2018 / 19:00

    I hear you when u say that people never use to wear their curly hair out there. I remember how I always use to relax my hair every 2 months as I was always teased at school about my texture and how I didn’t have straight hair.

    Until one day I just decided to embrace who I really am. I realised that people are always going to have different things to say and are going to try and make you into the person they want you to be until you yourself don’t no who you are.

    I decided to go back to who I was and embrace all my naturally beauty. What I can tell u is I saved so much money by not relaxing. Back then there wasn’t any natural hair products so anything did it for me.

    It’s amazing how popular curly hair has become. This is when I came across your page and u inspired me even more and last year this time,next week to be exact I met you on a cruise ship and almost jumped out of my skin.

    Ps: my bday is also in less than a month, the 14th of May to be exact.

    Thank you so much for sharing, it helps a lot to know that us curly girls are not alone.

  9. Barbara Davies
    04/23/2018 / 19:20

    Love your work Mandy and will follow you any where. Very informative. I have some My Natural Products which I have not tried yet, so watching your video I cannot wait to get my hair as AWESOME as yours🙈. I would like to know as well where you got your hair pick? Looking forward to joining you at your birthday bash😁

  10. Ruth Adams
    04/24/2018 / 12:52

    I have just started my natural journey too and i just love your page. You give me so much inspiration too just keep going even on those terrible hair days LOL!!
    Love reading about your journey and it’s good too know that you just human too with ups and downs like all of us. I need too do this for my niece as she is a pure natural but her mom looks like she can just turn her any day and that i can’t have 🙂 So her aunty is gonna lead the way with much of your help of course and even thou you might not know it but your page really helps alot. Thank you for sharing with us mwah!!!

  11. Gabriella
    04/24/2018 / 22:54

    As a natural newbie it’s really not easy to go back to being natural. Seeing you at the Clicks curls event really inspired me to follow you and I’ve went through your blogs and instagram posts. You gave me hope that even though it’s a tough journey it’s worth the struggle. Even if your family or friends don’t support you it will liberate you and allow your inner goddess to shine.
    My hair is really heat damaged to the point where there is just frizz and almost no curls but following you allows me to remain hopeful that in time I will have curly hair once more. Also the fact that you do use heat on the odd occasion and do not ostrisize people for wanting both. You’re truly an inspiration.

    Thank you for everything❤️

  12. Ziningi Mzizi
    04/25/2018 / 03:55

    @palesamoneng look such great work.

  13. Ziningi Mzizi
    04/25/2018 / 05:51

    Hello! I would like to call you a Queen for taking such a huge step. You’re an inspiration, I love your hair and for your journey, we all start somewhere and where we end lies entirely to our deeds.

    You’re doing an amazing job, I have been a fan for a long time and planning to use your products as well. Keep shining and know that everything has it own time.

    Your Majesty 👑

  14. Jae
    04/26/2018 / 06:39

    Hey Amanda about 2 months ago I stumbled onto your Instagram and from there I have been following your pics and reading your articles on the blog. It’s great to have a place to get curly hair info from a real person going through the same challenges we are. I just started my blog 2 days ago and I definitely would appreciate some help/advice… what to do/what not to do….

  15. 04/26/2018 / 17:28

    Wow I just love how you just went for what you wanted and ignored the negative comments, you are a true inspiration to not give up on your dreams and going for what you want by not being afraid! ❤️ 🙂

  16. Esther
    04/27/2018 / 04:51

    I really enjoy the Instagram posts and the space that you choose to create for people that embrace their natural hair. As someone possibly considering starting a blog, I was wondering how to do it so that it isn’t just generic content or things being said by *every other blogger out there?

  17. Ronell Swartbooi
    05/01/2018 / 19:12

    Keep on writing your truth, the world is listening. Sell more designs, maybe a new one twice a year to add to your collection, and a massive pop up once a year, including design sales – including T-shirt’s, bags – maybe a collaboration with Yolanda on skirts 🤷🏾‍♀️ #thinkingoutloud … I’d love to see you combine the online more with your eye for design.
    I see an online store in your future 🙂

  18. Margo
    05/03/2018 / 12:12

    Love what you’re doing. I’ve stopped coloring my premature grey hair and that’s a journey on its own! I admire you, your thoughts and I think you’re great! Onwards and upwards! I don’t need you to be an expert, none of us are, I just love the honesty and truth that is your personal journey.

  19. 05/03/2018 / 12:16

    Hi Amanda.

    “Blogging and creating content is not easy. It takes a lot out of you mentally, physically and emotionally. ”

    I’ve only been blogging for less than a month. But I can relate to this so much. I have a personal blog, I post about my own life experiences and how I learn from it.
    I’ve come to learn that people can be harsh sometimes. Not everyone will agree with you. And it stings, even hurts so much that I doubt myself.
    I too, have people that’s not supporting my blog, that has this “she’s trying to hard” / she’s a wannabe ” mentality.

    It’s like oh my Gosh!

    But hey it helps, the critics pushes me.

    Speaking to other bloggers helps too. Just yesterday Eleanor from @justEllaBella messaged me after reading my last post. And I just vented to her. Lol. but she’s great. Inspired me even more.

    All of the best with your vlog, keep inspiring and keep aspiring.

    Keep well.

  20. 05/03/2018 / 12:22

    Hi Amanda,

    Just subscribed to your blog now🙈 thought I did already. I love how your smile and energy is so beautiful and contagious through your posts.
    Please share more about bargains I like them too.

  21. 05/03/2018 / 12:30

    The way forward just take us with you wherever your life is going. That’s real… I loved your vlog about your family vacay. Too many of the media platforms are superficial and fake and one doesn’t get to know the person. I love people’s life stories. Shoots with no make-up on. Awkward moments. Mistakes. I know you are true to your true self and that will keep people following. Mense soek die waarheid. ..

  22. Alison Johannisen
    05/03/2018 / 12:48

    Awesome journey #BossiekopRules

  23. Naz
    05/03/2018 / 15:20

    My Hair! Once a misery and mystery, now an adventure to embrace.
    Every day different, just doing it’s own thing.
    Some days I think “Gosh today I’m not even trying”, then a stanger says “Lady, I love your curls”.

    Thanks ladies ❤️

  24. Robin
    05/03/2018 / 17:31

    Hi Amanda. I love all your social media platforms. You make it look so easy. I thought you didn’t work lol than I saw a clip of you at work when you received the John Frienda products. I’ve been natural for about five years now and going strong😉. I actually would love to start a YouTube channel and post more video’s on my Instagram. I get so many questions and usually it’s the same questions. Having to explain the whole healthy hair growth process, what to do and what not to do again and again sometimes get a bit frustrating. I started refering the ladies to CT naturally support group. Any advice on how to balance a full time job, studying part time and blogging? Is it to much? Should I rather focus on one thing at a time? TIA

    Robin Fielding

  25. Anusha Naidoo
    05/03/2018 / 22:24

    You are amazing, a real inspiration to me.
    I am a avid follower, you are not superficial that’s why I adore you. Naturally beautiful. Comfortable in who you are. Love your posts, pics …enlightening, informative, interesting.
    May you always be happy and keep on smiling that gorgeous smile of yours ….you go gal.
    Love ya ❤

  26. Melanie Pretorius
    05/04/2018 / 10:36

    Hey birthday buddy, it was so awesome finally meeting you this year. Congratulations on your journey thus far, your legacy truly stretches into the aisle of Dischem *jokes* Ran into a fellow nattie last week, stuck in front of Bay rum,asking the poor assistant what the ingredients is for the magic hair growth potion, his facial expression was classic mixture of confusion and ready to call the mental hospital on her. I stepped in and told her I use the mixture as well and had the pleasure of meeting the lady that adjusted the formula for South African hair. I told her what’s required and also what to Google for future reference, they both thanked me profusely as he said so many ladies come in looking for the products but he never know which ones to recommend together. YouTube tutorials I’d like would be 10 minute hair and makeup tutorials.

  27. Charlene
    08/13/2018 / 17:41

    Hi there. I want to start my natural hair journey but not sure where to start! Must I cut off all my hair? What products must I use? How will I know what type of hair do I have? What natural hair salon can I go to in Cape Town?…..Please help!

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