Let’s twist … AGAIN!!

Hello my name is Mandy and I suck at twist outs! I have tried everything! Watched youtube videos, read blog posts – bottom line is my twist outs always end in a bushy frizzy disaster. 
My “go to hairdo” is pretty much a wash ‘n go. You see, I’m a self-confessed lazy natural. Yes, sure – I religiously deep condition my hair every Sunday like a good born-again natural should. I know what works best for my hair (type 3) and the kid’s hair (type 4). I have even consulted with and given advice to people on what would work best for their hair – but with all my so-called expertise, my twist-outs always end up making really great puffs (sarcasm). 

Then one day, while scrolling through the posts in the ever popular South African Naturals FB page, I noticed some of the ladies talking about what they use in their spritzers. Spritzers? I needed to spritz my hair? My routine mainly involved a mixture of Tresemme Naturals conditioner and a few drops of castor oil – that’s it. Clearly I was lacking something. Water!! (duh!)

I ran to Dischem as fast as I could and my spritzer now contains the following: 

*Water (essential for retaining moisture)
* Tresemme Natural conditioner
* Castor oil (to help increase circulation and strengthen your hair)
* Aloe Vera juice (for shine, moisture and to keep the frizz away)

After shampooing and deep conditioning, I parted my hair into 4 sections, divided each section into 2 or 3 sub-sections (?) spritzed, twisted, drip dried and the kid styled it with a scarf claiming it made me look like a super cool mom ( as if I wasn’t one before. Pffft!)

I was so impressed with this method because my hair stayed in for the entire day. Notice that I didn’t even use rubber bands to keep the ends in? They just stayed put!! 

The faithful silk cap came out to play that night and the next day… I forgot to take a picture for this post. Can you believe that! So below, you are looking at day 2 of my twist out and I did not re-twist. I simply used the unflattering yet faithful silk cap again and voila! 

Yes, the frizz is still there but I have been learning to embrace it. My hair felt more moisturized and soft than it has been in a very long time. 

The bonus in all this is that the spritzer can be used for my wash and go as well, and it works wonders. Score!!! 

What do you use in your spritzer? Comment below, I’d like to give it a try.

Stay Gold,




  1. 09/10/2014 / 11:24

    Your twist out looks really good WOW….I am currently using Aloe Vera juice, water equal amounts glycerine and bit of grapeseed oil it seems to be doing the trick for me

  2. 09/10/2014 / 11:32

    Thank you so much! Hmmm… grapeseed oil. I have got to try that out. Thanks for the tip

  3. Eleanor J'adore
    09/10/2014 / 14:16

    Looking good! Nevermind a little frizz. I really think it helps to make the style look more natural. I've actually never made a spritz. I prefer to layer my products: aloe vera juice, leave-in conditioner and seal with coconut oil.

  4. 09/10/2014 / 17:36

    Thanks for the tip Eleanor. Thanks fir always reading as well. Much appreciated.

  5. 07/16/2017 / 17:36

    I spritz with Water,Design essential leave in conditioner,avocado oil and it works wonders for me,my hair is soft and so moisturize.thanks for all your tips Amanda.

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