Irit Noble. Need I say more?

Last night I had the good fortune of attending the opening of The Irit Noble show at The Galloway Theatre, Waterfront.

Many of you will know Irit as Madame Zingara’s ring mistress, or as the sex advice columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine. She is known for her elaborate gowns, lights, trimmings, glitter, sparkles… you name it, it’s there. This show is NOTHING like that. I got to witness Irit stripped down … ok hold on, that didn’t come out right it’s not that kinda show, but you KNOW what I mean man!
Ms Noble entered the stage in a black top, sexy black jeans and kickass red stilettos. The interaction with her audience was deliciously candid (well what else would you expect from a bad, bad, bad woman!), completely casual and nicely rounded off with a sprinkle of naughtiness.
Irit captivated her audience with her words of inspiration which she cleverly concealed in humour and song. Her quirks on love; religion; motherhood and life in general had her crowd wanting more and believe me,  I definitely learnt a thing or 2. 

She surprised us with a guest appearance by Lionel Bastos last night, but I am sure Irit has more guest stars up her sleeve (or in a stockings) for her future shows, you never really know what you’re going to get which makes it so much more exciting. 

I highly recommend that you add The Irit Noble Show to the agenda for this months’ girls night out. Add @IritNoble on twitter and don’t forget to use #IritNobleShow when you attend the show.
It runs from 11 – 21 June and you can book your tickets at the Waterfront Theatre School

Photo courtesy of @RonellSharee

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