Inspiration: Lupita Nyong’o

As most parents would do, I have being teaching my daughter to love herself for exactly who she is since birth. The first doll I ever bought her was one of those baby angels that looked exactly like her – same size, same skin tone. In fact, we’d often get a fright when we saw the doll lying on the floor next to her cot, thinking it was her. Finding a doll that looked like her was important to me, as I often see young girls obsessing over hair and skin tone that is completely different to there own. My daughter loved her doll. 

If ever I were to meet Lupita I would thank her for what she is teaching young women of colour #SelfLove. I have a serious girl crush on Lupita. I find her beautiful both inside and out. 

I recently came across this clip in which she speaks about her perception of beauty. It is everything! 

                          Never stop teaching your daughter to LOVE HERSELF… no matter how old she is. Thanks Lupita! 

 Stay Gold,


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