How to get big, bouncy hair in 12 easy steps

Some of you have been asking how I got the bouncy curl look I sported a few weeks back…

The truth is it was pure fluke! Have you ever been so uncertain as to what to do with your hair? You twist, braid, knot and hope for the best? Well, this is that look! 

There are two ways to achieve this style. Here’s how: 

1  It’s best to start by co-washing your hair. A fresh shampoo wash is good but for me personally, co-washing helps retain the moisture. 

2  Plop your hair. Plopping means wrapping an old t-shirt around your head instead of a towel. 

3  Oil it baby, oil it! I am a lover of coconut and castor oil. 

4  Finger de-tangle. Get rid of all unwanted knots gently.

5  Seal in the water and oil with a leave in conditioner or finishing cream of your choice. 

6  Stretch your hair. Stretching creates length and volume. I stretch my hair by wearing it in       a top knot. It’s my new favourite style because it keeps the hair off my shoulders. It’s the       easiest protective style for this particular lazy natural. 

7  Wear top knot (or stretched out style) till your hair is 80% dry

8  Add some coconut oil to your hands and either flat twist or make knots like this:

9  Cover your hair with a silk scarf or bonnet at night. 

10  When you wake up make sure that your hair is completely dry.

11  Coat your hands with coconut oil and unravel. 

12  Put on your favourite song, separate your twists and fluff, shake your head from side to side, headbang, fluff, dance, puff and you’re ready to rock your big bouncy hair. 

Knot-out results
Twist-out results

You may get some frizz when wearing this style. The key is to rock the look like the queen you are! 

Have fun fluffing. 

Stay Gold, 



  1. 07/04/2017 / 11:01

    I am not lie but you hair style is really cool. I like the bounce and steps of all that.

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