How Daily Affirmations changed my life

” I visualize my dream life and watch as it manifests into reality”. I saw this quote on Pinterest and it truly resonated with me. If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I am a daily affirmations convert.

My journey with daily affirmations began about 10 years ago after yet another relationship turned sour. During that time, a friend suggested I start manifesting my life the way I wished it was. Between you and me, I thought it was a bunch of hogwash, but I did it anyway. I would repeat the affirmation she wrote out for me on a daily basis, even though I didn’t really believe what I read. After a few days it became a habit.

Needless to say, I eventually became overwhelmed with gratitude for every small detail in my life.

Side note: My dress has pockets

I was grateful I could afford to buy a house at the age of 29, that I had a loving and supportive family. I was grateful my daughter had her own bed and we could afford cutlery, plates to eat out of… listen, I was filled with gratitude for the smallest thing. This is what daily affirmations is all about: being grateful.

Winning at life

Daily affirmations put me in a euphoric state of mind. Moreover, I felt really positive about life and completely convinced I was going to win 27 MILLION RAND. Don’t ask me why that specific amount, I was just convinced it was coming my way. It didn’t.

Instead I won a number of competitions, for example a bottle of Lady Million perfume, 3 pairs of shoes, concert tickets, a new bag and even some money. Just not 27 MILLION RAND, but still.

It was shortly after this when a whole new world opened up for me. My natural hair journey began and I started blogging as well as content creating.

I’ll even admit to working with my dream brands because I manifested it into being.

Also, let’s not forget that I met my amazing husband during this time too.

What’s your favourite daily affirmation?

A few Daily Affirmations for the road

Incorporating daily affirmations into your life is a simple task. Here are a few of my favourites I repeat each morning:

  • ” I open my heart to love, health, wealth and abundance”
  • ” I am worthy of love and light”
  • ” Positive vibes are welcomed into my life”
  • ” I am thankful for all that I have”

Let me know if you give these a try.

Have you used affirmations in your life? What are some of your favourites?



  1. Erin
    10/30/2020 / 15:23

    This is so powerful ?! Thank you for sharing. xoxo

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