Finding your happy: A 3 step guide to self-love

A few weeks ago I posted a half naked photo of myself on Instagram*shock-horror-scandal!!* (check it out here  if you missed it)  The reactions to the post went from ” You go girl” – to my mom telling me that she is so proud of me standing up for myself, and that I now need to take it to a wider audience and not just social media.  Gotta love the momma! 

The post started off being about my hair, but I realized that I had something so much deeper to bring across. Allow me to explain – that particular Saturday morning I woke up with an innate sense of gratitude. I was so grateful for my beautiful, loving family; the roof over my head; the food in my cupboards – but the gratitude was short lived when I started thinking about what I was going to wear that day. I was 5kgs heavier and uncomfortable in my own skin… and then like clockwork,  the self loathing lured it’s ugly head. I immediately put a stop to it though. However,  that inkling of self deprecation made me realize how we as women put ourselves down, because we don’t have the perfect weight or  hair or thighs or legs or bum or breasts or eyebrows.

Why is it that we can’t be happy with the body that we were given? Yes, I know at times finding the positive in a sometimes cruel world is difficult, but going against what society glorifies is always difficult. The magic begins when we take that first step.

Below is a list of things I’ve practiced to help me find my happy. I hope it helps you too.


Daily affirmations

Years ago, while I was going through a harsh breakup, a friend of mine who specializes in spiritual healing told me about affirmations. I had heard about it before of course, but I never really believed in it or understood the concept. However, I religiously did them every morning and eventually the strangest thing started happening – I started believing the words coming out of my mouth and blessings came my way in abundance! This is one of my favourite affirmations because it resonates with me. (Best said to yourself while looking in the mirror)


      Accept what is

So I have the weirdest eyebrows on earth and my forehead is actually a five head because my whole hand fits on it. I know you’re probably going to scroll through all my pictures to see what I’m talking about and you know what, that is perfectly okay. I eventually got to a point in my life where I am at peace with all my flaws, because they make me who I am.

We all have them, whether we care to admit it or not. Once we accept what is and embrace our flaws, they start being awesome and you graduate to being Flawsome. (Bless you Tyra Banks for creating that word!)


Take a time out

You are sooo deserving of a 5 minute break! Heck, if it’s longer, take it!! Spending time with yourself is the perfect way to rejuvenate your soul. Spend it in the bath, in your bedroom, at the beach or reading a book. Get to know and fall in love with yourself. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t love yourself, how is anyone truly going to love you?

That’s it, my 3 step guide on self-love. I’d like to know if you’ve tried any of these tips yet? Or if you have some to share.  In the meantime, I am going to leave you with the immortal words of Ms. Angelou:

You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.

– Maya Angelou







    • capetowncurly
      07/20/2017 / 10:21

      Thanks Juwayra! Thing is that even us older folk need to be reminded about it too!

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