Curry Leaves: Hair Growth, Weight Loss and More

One of the things I love about my journey into natural, is that I can open up my kitchen cupboards and whip up a hair mask in no time. I’ve used eggs, lemons, honey, baking powder, tea and even beer on my hair. Scrolling the interwebs and making up new recipes have become a hobby. Imagine my surprise when one of my older colleagues hands me a bag of curry leaves she picked from the tree in her garden, and claims it will work wonders for my whole body. Whaaaat?! I mean I had heard that it works for hair growth but wonders for my whole body?
Being the researcher that I am (and a bit of a doubting Thomas), I ran to my laptop to ask Dr. Google about the benefits of curry leaves – because we know Dr. Google knows about stuff. Right?! 
Turns out curry leaves are so much more than what I expected. Here’s the gist of my findings on the benefits of this wonder-boom.
  • *      Curry leaves contain nutritional ingredients that help stimulate hair growth. 
  • *      Delays your hair from greying (I can almost hear you get excited)
  • *      Rescue remedy for hair loss
  • *      Reinforces the hair shaft  
  • *      Repairs damaged roots
  • *      Renews hair follicles – i.e. It prevents your hair strands from thinning out
So basically it is a fantastic treatment for all round hair health. 

The interweb is filled with various methods of using curry leaves on your hair, but this one is my favourite. Trying it this weekend:
Take a handful of curry leaves and make it into a paste
Mix it into a tub of plain yoghurt
Divide your hair into 4 sections
Lay the mixture on each section
Leave it on your hair for about 30 mins
Rinse thoroughly then shampoo
  • *      Assists in weight loss
  • *      Cures indigestion and nausea
  • *      Fights anemia
  • *      Fights diabetes
  • *      Improves cholesterol


Recipe for curry tea
Place 5 curry leaves in a cup of boiling water and allow it to seep
Add a drizzle of honey
Add a few drops of lemon juice
Stir and enjoy
  • *      Treats acne

I am a firm believer of using turmeric as a mask. I plan on mixing some curry leaf paste into my turmeric and milk mask.
Before you get started always remember to use fresh curry leaves. Store them in your fridge for best results. It’s advisable to test some on your skin to see if you’re allergic or sensitive to the leaves.
Have you tried curry leaves for hair growth, weight loss or acne before? I’d love to hear about your experience.
Stay Gold,
I really enjoyed these sites while doing my research. They give and in-depth account of the benefits and concentrate on the science behind curry leaves. Check it out!




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