Birthday Weekend Away in Pringle Bay

Ever get the feeling that you’re in a Lemony Snicket movie? NO? So it’s just me then…
Let me explain – Last week I had planned to blog about my excitement about my birthday ( I love birthdays. I OWN my age). I had everything scribbled down on paper. Planned on doing a daily countdown starting from Monday the 19th. Got home at 7pm that night and got kicked in the GUT! My house… my home had been burgled, in my birthday week, in one of my happiest weeks of the year. Now I know that you have heard this story before and you have probably experienced it, but WHY did no one ever bother to mention the feeling of your whole world being invaded!?
They didn’t take much – my laptop, a few jewels and my favourite bag (probably used it as a shopping basket?), all things that can be replaced.  But that feeling of invasion is something that takes some time to get over.

A few days before my birthday. Really loving my hair in this pic.

That being said (and moving to the FUN stuff) I AM FINALLY 39!! Yep, THIRTY-NINE… The final year of my Thirties… and not a grey hair in sight (Thank you Momma for my AWESOME genes) Needless to say, I have been looking forward to this for some time (could you tell?) I spent the day cleaning up some of the mess the intruders created, answering the local detectives questions and eventually, eating a meal with my beloved, supportive family and some friends.

The weekend of my birthday, I was fortunate enough to be whisked away to the beautiful Pringle Bay for a bit of rest, relaxation and restoration. It was a weekend of firsts for me. I had never been to Pringle Bay before and I am pretty certain I spotted my first mermaid… but that is still up for debate.

Moer Koffee en As brood met kaas en jem at Fynbos Enterprises

It was on a drive about (takes you about 10 minutes to drive through Pringle Bay) that I discovered Fynbos Enterprises, owned by Sunra Mostert who is a bee keeper by trade.  I purchased organic honey, and I was stoked when I discovered that they make natural conditioner with organic honey and cinnamon leaf oil.  I am trying out the conditioner today, and loving the softness of my curls.  FE also makes their own candles and liqueurs. I had fun tasting a few of them. Note to self – 50% vodka will KICK you where it hurts. I discovered “moer koffee”  (not the plunger kind, the genuine “blik beker en sakkie” vibe) and ate my very first “As brood” (ash bread – baked on the coals).

The entrance to Fynbos Enterprises. How much do you LOVE this gate! My creative side went bonkers when I spotted it.


#Bliss (I swear there are mermaids behind me)


The view from my hideaway

I highly suggest a trip to the Overberg to visit the town of Pringle Bay. Who knows, maybe you’ll spot those mermaids too.

Bonus pic: My hair today, using FE Natural Conditioner.
My earrings were purchased at a gift shop in Pringle Bay.


Stay Gold,


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  1. 10/09/2015 / 00:57

    Thank you for loving Pringle Bay, we love you back!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday! !!!😚

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