A guide for first time naturals #2

Have you ever started researching natural hair only to be taken aback by all the acronyms? Man, there are loads of acronyms out there. It can sometimes deter you along the way. 
I’ve tried to make things simple for you with this post. I will add an extra page called Newly Natural to my blog where I will update you on acronyms, guides and maybe a few styles to get you started. 

Below is a list of acronyms you may have come across relating to hair length. 

I must admit that I had no idea some of these existed before doing my research. My aim for hair growth is MBL. My hair has never been that long. Heck, it’s never even been at BSL. I’m currently at APL so let’s see how long it takes me to get there.

What is your hair goal length?

Stay Gold,

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