Getaway to Greyton

M and I took a trip to Greyton over the weekend to attend a wedding. 

We only spent one night there but it was worth every single cent. The town’s highlights include a few lovely restaurants, a candle shop and a chocolatier.

 The restaurant we visited, Searle’s Trading Post, has a collection of dollhouses that is an absolute must see for every young girl… yes, even those who are young at heart. 

They also serve a pretty mean breakfast with the most jovial waitresses to boot! 

Clearly this was a “after the night I just had” brekkie…and hair! 

After breakfast we took a walk around town and discovered The Gretha Quinlan Gallery. Can you believe these candles are each hand crafted! They also smell divine. 

 and then we found heaven…Von Geusau Chocolates. You can not go to Greyton without trying out these babies. 

 Just 2 hours outside of Cape Town, Greyton is the perfect getaway when all you want to do it get away! 

Have you visited Greyton before? I would highly suggest you consider it for your next getaway.

Bonus pic of how I wore my hair to the wedding below: 

Stay Gold,


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